I Tried 5 Items From Wish.Com For Under $5 And This Is What Happened…

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Inspired by a similar video on Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube channel, I decided to purchase 5 items from Wish.com for under $5 and see how they measured up in person to what was promised on the website. For those of you that don’t know, Wish.com essentially sells anything and everything for a heavily discounted price…but, it’s notoriously known for being quite hit and miss, especially once the items actually arrive. Sometimes you receive something completely different to what you ordered, other times you find a diamond in the rough. I thought this challenge would be a lot of fun so I went onto the website and ordered five different fashion accessories. The shipping was only $6 AUD for me. I placed the order on August 8th and they arrived at my door a few weeks later.

Here are the interesting and surprising results:


Screenshot from my iPhone

So, as you can see from the image above, I ordered the pink toe socks for $4.75 AUD. There were many colours to choose from but I thought these were the cutest. The image promised slightly longer ankle socks with pink and light grey toes. According to the website, this product received a 4.5 overall star rating which gave me high hopes. One reviewer said the socks were super soft and comfy. 

Now for the overall verdict: 

This were a big hit for me! They are very comfy, soft and easy to wear. I’ve been reaching for them after every wash. I like that they are ankle socks as all the toe socks I had in the past were knee-length. I’m really glad I grabbed a pair and kind of wish I bought more in different colours. I give these a 5/5 stars.




Screenshot from my iPhone 

 These leggings were only $4 AUD and once again, came in many colours. I picked boring grey on the off chance they were a winner and I could wear them out with different tops. This item received a 3.6  overall star rating on the website and the majority of reviewers said they were stretchy and comfy. I ordered them in a medium. 

My thoughts on this item were:

Not happy. Despite ordering them in a medium, I couldn’t even pull them on my legs. They seem more fitted for a child, not an adult. The fabric is also very thin, making the tights translucent. You would have to wear a long top over them in order to stop your underwear from showing. Unfortunately I cannot even try them on, they are simply too small. I give them a 1/5 stars. 




Screenshot from my iPhone

I ordered these for a bit of fun for $4 AUD. You could pick them in black or white but I liked the white with the roses on the legs. I picked size large just in case. The overall star rating for these fashion panties are 3.6 and two reviewers said they went swimming in them which I guess would look good over bathers but not something I would ever feel comfortable wearing in public. They are much too sexy! 

This is what I thought when I got them: 

Much like the leggings, I couldn’t even get them on…and I ordered them in a size large! That is two items from Wish I cannot wear. I don’t feel like I got a large because they were impossible to put on and I’m only a size 10. Secondly, they came without the roses (as per the image above). They are just plain white. They are also poorly made with plenty of loose threads at the bottom. The band at the top faintly reads Calvin Klein (that is obviously fake). I gave this product a 2/5 stars because I do like the look of them but I cannot enjoy them myself sadly.

Also, just to clarify, I don’t expect much from any of these products given the price, but I do want to be honest for those reading that may be interested.




Screenshot from my iPhone 

Okay, I clearly have a penchant for grey, but I ordered these long arm knitted gloves in a lighter shade for $3.80 AUD. I just liked the look of them the most. They are fingerless and meant to be worn in the colder seasons. They had a 4.4 overall star rating on the website and were reviewed as thick, comfy and warm. 

What I thought was: 

I like these! They are warm, comfortable and look cool with a t-shirt or tank top. Are they super functional? Probably not as they aren’t a full glove and mainly resemble attachable sleeves with a thumb and finger hole. But that is just fine. I will use them as a fashion accessory. I give these a 4/5 stars.




Screenshot from my iPhone 

This scarf caught my eye whilst I was scrolling through Wish. I loved the red tone so I went for that one. It was only $3.80 AUD and had a 3.7 overall star rating on the website. It didn’t have a single review which was interesting. Once again, there were many shades to choose from. The description promised that the scarf was long and could be used as a shawl or even a beach towel! 

My conclusion was: 

The scarf is a lovely shade and very light/thin. I am very happy with it. The image below reminds me of a heart. I will say however that it is very short so the description promising that it could be used as a beach towel or shawl is incorrect. It is a hit for me. I give it a 4/5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and different post. I certainly enjoyed putting it all together. In conclusion, I believe you can find some really good items on Wish for a very low price but you’re not always going to get what you pay for. As long as you know that going in, you won’t be disappointed. Finally, I am not sponsored by Wish at all, I just wanted to try this out. Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo 

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