Why Do Vegans Eat Mock Meats? (FESS Product Review!)

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Today I’m back with another product review plus a quick discussion topic, as I really enjoy combining the two. You may see a few of these posts coming up (I had a lot to catch up on). Quick disclaimer:  this is not a Social Soup product – you can check out my previous SS reviews here and here. A few months ago, I joined an Australian company called Mouths of Mums. Basically, you sign up and apply to review products for your children and household. The main demographic is stay-at-home mothers like myself.

It took a while but I was finally selected to review Fess Sinu-Cleanse Nasal & Sinus Mist which is a product for congestion relief. I couldn’t try it out on my daughter as she is under 2 years old (which is not recommended on the bottle) so I tried it on myself. Both my husband and I suffer from seasonal allergies, so this product is a must in our home. I was pretty pleased to receive a full-sized product. I was expecting a sample. It is non-medicated, so it’s a natural way to relieve congestion, sinusitis, hayfever, colds and flus. It’s also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To use this saline solution, you simply have to tilt your head, direct the nozzle into your right and left nostril, depress for 1-2 seconds and blow your nose if necessary. I strongly suggest not tilting your head back as you may swallow some of the solution and whilst it’s not harmful, it tastes pretty awful! You can learn more about the product here. It is available at all major pharmacies in Australia. I definitely think this product is great, especially if you want quick relief and something that isn’t medicated. I felt a lot less congested after using it. The only downside in my opinion is how disgusting the taste is if you accidentally swallow the solution. I’m happy to continue using this and will be able to administer it to my daughter once she is of age and requires it.


Now for the  discussion! I have been a vegan for almost six years and in that time, I have been asked a lot why we eat mock meats. “If you are against eating animals, why would you eat a veggie version of them?” So I’m here to answer this question once and for all. First of all, I never stopped eating meat because I disliked the taste. I stopped because it no longer felt right for me and there were many options available to me that meant I didn’t need to eat meat. Mock meats provide us with a similar taste and texture so we can enjoy what we used to, without participating in animal suffering. Secondly, they are an excellent transition food for those wishing to become vegan, but don’t want to feel like they are giving up all of their favourite foods. Some mock meats contain plenty of fortified vitamins and minerals including protein and iron, so you can be assured you’re meeting your nutritional needs. Of course you can do that without eating mock meats, but I personally really love them. My favourite brands are Gardein, Quorn, Veggie Delight and Frys. You don’t even need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy them. Maybe you have incorporated Meatless Mondays into your home and substitute a chicken schniztel with a mock version instead. You can bring veggie dogs and burgers to BBQ’s just as an option. Before you judge, give them a try!

I hope you enjoyed this review and discussion. Let me know your thoughts down below. Have you tried this product and how do you feel about mock meats?

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am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own.

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  1. This is such an interesting topic, why do vegans eat mock meats. I’ve always found it strange vegans or people who follow a plant-based diet eat mock meat. Eating mock meat is like eating the idea of animals and still eating into the idea of suffering, if you know what I mean. I also feel that while mock meats are made with plant based ingredients, they are processed foods probably high in sugar or sodium (regardless natural or not) at the end of the day. I guess eating them in moderation like any other food is the way to go 🙂

    I have also wondered about eating vegan and cross-contamination. Places like Hungry Jacks, Pizza Hut and Dominoes sell vegan food. However chances are they are cooked on the grill alongside non-vegan menu options. What is your take on this? 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend, I hope my explanation clears it up for you 🙂 I understand that mock meats are highly processed but the same can be said about meat pies or processed meat products. Either way it’s better to choose the one made with less suffering. I am not hugely against cross contamination but I avoid it when I can 🙂

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