Blogmas Day 6 – Christmas Tree Reveal!

Hi all!

Welcome to Day 6 of Blogmas! It has been a lot of fun so far. Today I am going to be revealing our Christmas tree. We put ours up on Saturday November 30th, as we were busy all day Sunday. I love our tree. We bought it from Spotlight here in Australia a year ago. This is our second time putting it up. Click here to see the exact one we bought. I don’t know about you, but once the Christmas tree is decorated, it all starts to feel real. The festivities can begin! I hope you enjoy this post. Let’s get into it!


The theme for our tree is green and gold. I bought these glittery and plain baubles from Spotlight as well. They are no longer available online.


At the top I hung Abigail’s bauble, which lights up. Last year we topped the tree with a special bauble that said Abigail’s First Christmas. We will treasure it forever, but as it’s no longer her first, we switched to this one instead. At this stage, we don’t have a proper tree-topper. In the future, we will probably get a star and then hang both the Abigail baubles in the front.


I found these lovely woven baubles at Target. Click here to check them out. I liked that they were green (to fit the theme) but also reminded me of nature. I bought 5 of those.


Some may find them creepy, but I love these nutcracker type soldiers. I purchased two packs of 3 at Coles. They look so adorable. Each one is holding a different musical instrument. Click here to order your own.


At this stage we don’t have tinsel or lights. I plan to get those when Abigail is a bit older and less in danger of grabbing them.


This is our beautiful tree in all it’s glory. Simple but lovely. It stands in the corner of our living room. We had to put the coffee table in front of it so Abigail didn’t try to pull it down.

Thanks so much for reading! What does your tree look like? Do you have a theme? I would love to know. See you tomorrow!

Peace & Love xoxo

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