Blogmas Day 11 – What Christmas Gifts Do I Like Giving?

Hi all!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 11! Today I am going to be sharing with you some examples of gifts I like to give to others for Christmas. Hopefully this provides you with some unique ideas as I know how tough it can be to think of new presents year after year. Let’s get into it!


Subscription boxes are so popular and a fun gift. There are boxes for book-lovers, foodies, beauty gurus, fashionistas and so much more. You also get to decide if they get a yearly subscription, a monthly subscription or just a once-off box. The best part is, once it’s ordered, the company does the rest for you. When it arrives, the gift receiver gets to open it and find lots of random goodies suited to their interests. The only downside is, they can be quite expensive, so buying a single box is most affordable option. You can check out heaps of sub-box ideas here.


Who doesn’t love a personalised gift? They are so special and will most likely be something you hold onto for a lifetime. The best place (in my opinion) to get these kinds of presents is Etsy. If you didn’t know, Etsy is an online store filled with thousands of creators that make homemade gifts. It’s a great way to support these talented individuals and purchase something truly memorable and unique! 


A really cool gift idea is to give somebody an experience. I love Red Balloon for this. On our first Christmas together, I bought my husband a voucher from there to go swimming with sea dragons at the beach. It included a safety/equipment lesson beforehand and a guided tour. He had such a good time and got to do something new. There are so many different experiences to purchase. You can go on a food-tasting tour, drive a Formula 1 car, take a photography course, shark dive and so much more. It’s also a great gift for a minimalist who doesn’t want to add clutter to their home.



I love having something handy for the home that is also related to something I’m a fan of in pop culture. For example, I could buy a random coffee mug, but seeing as I’m a huge Disnerd, I would prefer one with the trademark castle on it. Red Bubble is the best place to put literally any design you want on everyday items. You can get t-shirts, blankets, stickers, wall art, bags, stationery, mugs and more with a billion different creations. Artists are encouraged to sell their work to this company and what’s really cool is it originated in Melbourne, Australia where I’m from. I have bought three different gifts in the last month for my family from Red Bubble. It’s such a great store to shop at during Christmas. Also, not sponsored, just love them! 


Charitable gifts are a win/win for both parties. You get to donate to a worthy cause and give a gift to somebody that is very meaningful. For example, you can adopt an animal in someone’s name, you can sponsor a child, you can ensure that clean water is sent to a village in need etc. Once again, it’s a really good idea for minimalists and people that want to make a difference. I am going to talk more about charities I love giving to during Christmas in an upcoming post so stay tuned.


Similar to subscription boxes, you can buy pre-made hampers full of food or beauty products that are beautifully decorated. You can even make your own! I love buying different goodies and putting them together in a box for somebody I care for. It gives you a chance to get creative and show someone how well you know them. But if you’re pressed for time, there are many pre-made hampers ready to go!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some good ideas! I like to buy things that are a little bit different and more memorable. What gifts do you like buying? Do you have any I can add to my list? Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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