Blogmas Day 12 – What Gifts Do I Like Receiving at Christmas?

Hi all! 

Welcome to Blogmas Day 12! Yesterday I wrote a post about the gifts I like to give at Christmas. You can check it out here. Today I’m going to tell you about gifts I personally enjoy receiving. This list is not a *wink, wink*, *nudge, nudge* to my friends and family. This is just to give you more insight into what a 30 year old mother, like myself, is happy getting for Christmas. Without further ado, let’s get into it! 


There is nothing I love more than relaxing in my bath with a good book. Because I have baths so often (especially in the colder seasons), I love getting bath products as gifts. Bath salts, bath soaks, bath bombs, I enjoy them all! If you get me products for the bath, they will definitely not go to waste. Bath word count: 7!

2.) BOOKS! 

I don’t need anymore books, but I certainly enjoy getting them! Physical books or bookstore vouchers are always welcome in my household. I’ve been very good this year at not buying myself any books. My local library has been fantastic at keeping me in check. However, there are some books that I just love to own and keep on my shelf. 


When I first gave birth, I lived in leggings and oversized jumpers. Comfort was the name of the game. However, now that my daughter is nearly 18 months old, I’ve been trying to re-vamp my wardrobe again and feel a bit more put together. I am a big fan of receiving clothes as gifts or vouchers to clothing stores. For Christmas this year, my husband bought me a whole bunch of new clothes. I love shopping at Boohoo, Valleygirl, Tree of Life and Sportsgirl.



I LOVE journals! I’ve literally filled out over 30 journals in my lifetime. I like all types. Journals with beautiful covers, journals with fun prompts, journals that have illustrations, journals with quotes etc. You can never buy me too many journals. Somehow, I will find some use for them! 


A vegan food hamper or mystery box will never go astray in my home. In my family of 3, having food and snacks around are essential, so I’m happy to receive delicious plant-based treats. None of it will go to waste! 


This one is just for fun…but seriously, I would love more Pennywise/IT merchandise! 

I hope you enjoyed my list. What gifts do you like receiving for Christmas? What can you never get enough? I would love to know. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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