Blogmas Day 13 – 25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Both Genders!

Hi all!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 13! We are pretty much halfway! A couple of days ago, I shared a gift-giving guide that you can check out here. Today, I’m going to provide you solely with stocking stuffer ideas. This list will satisfy both genders, and I included 25, just in case you wanted to use them in a future advent calendar. Also, some presents below will be more expensive, some will be really cheap. It just depends on what you’re willing to spend. Let’s get into it!

1.) 2020 Journals/Diaries 

2.) 2020 Desk Calendars 

3.) Movie Tickets

4.) Perfume/Aftershave (Smaller Sizes)

5.) Patterned Socks 

6.) Soap

7.) Festive Mugs 

8.) Lottery Tickets

9.) Gourmet Coffee/Tea

10.) Phone Cases

11.) Air Pods


12.) Succulents

13.) Instax Camera 

14.) Water Bottles

15.) Mini Box Games (Cards Against Humanity etc…)

16.) Alcohol (Smaller Bottles)

17.) Sunglasses

18.) Funko Pops

19.) Lip Balm 

20.) Fitbits 

21.) Hot Sauce 

22.) Car Air Fresheners

23.) Chocolate/Candy

24.) Stickers/Decals

25.) Christmas Tree Ornaments

I hope you enjoyed this list and found it useful! What are your favourite stocking stuffers? Do you have any good ideas? Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

Peace & Love xoxo


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