Blogmas Day 18 – What Is My Favourite Christmas Memory?

Hi all!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 18. Today I am going to share with you my favourite Christmas memory. You would think it took place during my childhood, but nope! It happened in December 2017 – two years ago. Let’s get into it!

On October 16th 2017, I discovered to my greatest joy that I was pregnant. I wanted to be cautious about spreading the news too early, so I decided to wait the recommended 12 weeks which took me to the middle of December. By that point, we decided to extend it by a couple of weeks and announce that we were expecting on Christmas Eve in front of my family. I had it all planned out!

On December 24th, all of my family were seated around the dining table and I stood up to make a speech. I pretended that it was just to thank my mum for hosting (which was true obviously) but before I sat down, I said: “speaking of new beginnings, there will be a new member of the family joining us.” My mum and sister already knew, but the rest of my family jumped up and hugged and kissed us. It was such a special, beautiful moment and made Christmas that much more magical. After dinner, we Skyped my uncle who lives in Macau and I said to him: “I have something to show you.” I put the ultrasound photograph up to the screen and his first response was: “is that a cat?” That still makes me laugh. After a second, he realised he was looking at a baby and started crying. It was such a sweet reaction.


On Christmas Day, I called my best friends and told them. It was so nice hearing how happy they were for us on the phone. We then went to Francis’s family gathering and announced our pregnancy there. It was wonderful. It was the best Christmas ever.

It’s a short post today. I hope you enjoyed my story. What is your favourite Christmas memory? Thanks so much for reading! See you tomorrow.

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. My favorite Christmas memory is when I realized there is no Santa Claus and my younger brother still believed in it…it was so funny to watch him being happy…and you know that he is still young immature naive child… And my worst moment was when I realized there is no Santa Claus

    1. That would’ve been nice, I like the magic in believing in Santa. Still not sure if I’ll tell my child the truth or not though. Haha sorry, I remember when I found out he wasn’t real. Sad day.

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