Blogmas Day 25 – Christmas At Hogwarts! (Photo Diary)

Hi all!


Welcome to the final day of Blogmas! Thank you so much for all of the love and support during this time. It seems like the majority of you really enjoyed these posts which makes me so happy. I had the best time and it was the perfect way to keep me in the festive spirit! Today I am going to be sharing you with a photo diary of last night’s celebrations. As I mentioned here – Blogmas Day 3 – Our Christmas Traditions! – my family celebrates Christmas Eve and we always have a theme. This year’s was Christmas at Hogwarts. There were Harry Potter decorations, games, food and costumes. It was so much fun! We took as many photos as we could to capture everything (thank you to my sister for providing the majority of images below). Without further ado, let’s get into it! 


I wrote the Christmas menu on Harry Potter stationery. I tried to make the dishes related to The Wizarding World. Also, most of the food was vegan. So delicious! 


This is my Almond Feta Salad. So yummy!


As you can see I dressed up as Luna Lovegood and Francis was a Death Eater. I tried to draw the Dark Mark on his arm but it wasn’t my finest work of art…


It’s tough drawing an evil skull and snake on someone’s body!


Off to Mum’s house we went, where the front door greeted us like this!


We had banners, flags, balloons and LED light candles everywhere!


I bought this particular range from Lombards.


My sister and my brother-in-law did an amazing job setting up all the decorations.


The Great Hall Feast beckons…


This was the other table, decorated a bit more Christmas-like.


I love how all the colours worked together!


Oh and there’s Aragog, just chilling in a cauldron…


Our daughter was fascinated by him. She’s wearing basic Hogwarts pyjamas from Big W.


There were lots of fantastic costumes! My brother-in-law was Sirius Black! 


Can you tell my Uncle was Severus Snape?


My Aunt came as Professor Trelawney!


My cousins were Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students. So adorable!


Time for our classic group photo! Except Abigail completely freaked out when she realised not only had her father turned into a scary Death Eater, but there was a werewolf standing in the back. Poor bub!


My super talented brother-in-law made this epic Sorting Hat cake!


How cute!


As I mentioned earlier, most of the food was vegan. These were the Chia Raspberry and Coconut slices. Delicious! Also, the Butterbeers’ were a success! See – Blogmas Day 4 – Vegan Butterbeer Recipe!


Finally it was time to hand out the gifts. We all got completely spoiled; especially Abigail!


Once she went to bed, the adults played Harry Potter Codenames which was so much fun!.

Once again, thank you for supporting me during Blogmas. I’m sad it’s over but I have so much content planned for 2020, I’ve already got posts lined up till March! There will be one last post for the year, which will be my Top 10 Best and Worst Books of 2019, so stay tuned for that. I hope you all have a great Christmas season. Stay safe and make lots of memories…

Peace & Love xoxo

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