Oh Deer Sugar Mystery Unboxing!

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Welcome to the first post of 2020! Happy New Year!! I have so much planned for you all. Today however, I am going to be doing a review of Oh Deer Sugar’s Mystery Box which was a Christmas gift from my sister. Thanks sis! This is going to be a very honest review of both the box itself and the company as a whole. In case you aren’t aware, Oh Deer Sugar is a vegan bath and beauty online store. You can order everything from soaps to scrubs to soy melts and more. My sister ordered me the medium-sized mystery box which retails at $60 AUD plus $10 fixed-rate shipping. This is an Australian company and one that I’ve admired for years. You can read some more information on the card below:



So firstly, as mentioned above, I want to be really honest about this company. I messaged them twice last year asking if they would allow me a discount code for my subscribers. Both times they saw the message but never responded. I found this to be quite rude and unprofessional. Even if they didn’t want to provide me with anything, they could have  written back. Secondly, this gift was supposed to be a mystery box, but my sister said it never came in anything. She received the contents individually with no product listing, so she had to put them in a Christmas box for me. This also seems quite dodgy, especially as she ordered an actual present that required a box. She left a review for the company detailing this issue. I appreciate what they stand for and love that they are 1.) cruelty-free and 2.) environmentally-friendly, but I still feel these were major errors on their behalf.


Let’s move onto what was inside. The information card was included plus 6 items. My sister felt for the price she paid, she should’ve gotten more. After reviewing and personally testing everything, I have to agree…



Smells amazing, looks amazing and I wish I could eat it. Sadly that is not advised. This bubble bar retails for $12 AUD. You just hold it under running water and it creates foamy bubbles that are supposed to smell like the most delicious dessert. Unfortunately, the bubbles were very minimal and the scent was basically non-existent. It turned my bath water a pretty gross brown. If I am comparing these products to LUSH, the quality is not on par. I was pretty disappointed. This product was much more enjoyable before it was used. I gave this a 3/5 stars. 



The one thing I will say about this company is that all of their products are very aesthetically pleasing. This bath item was from their Christmas range (hence its name). I’ve always wanted to try a waffle bomb. Again, this was super disappointing. It had a very muted smell and whilst it turned my water neon green, the residue was super thin. It wasn’t moisturising like a LUSH bomb. I don’t know what they retail for as they’ve disappeared from the website. I gave this 2.5/5 stars. 



Don’t worry, this review is not all bad. This was by far my favourite product of the entire box. I would 10/10 buy these again! They made my entire house smells insanely yummy. They retail for $5.50 AUD. I could not recommend these enough. If you get one product from their website, get these. I gave them a 5/5 stars.




I really loved the smell of this product. It was so citrusy and fresh. To be fair, I’m not sure I used it correctly so I won’t judge it too harshly. I brought it into the shower with me and it fizzed out immediately. I think it was supposed to sit on the floor of the shower. This steamer retailed for $7.50 AUD. It was just mediocre. I gave it a 3.5/5 stars. 



These bath salts ruined my bath. They came with rose petals and other bits and pieces that were very messy. I appreciated what they were trying to do but I didn’t like it at all. I wish the crystals had been smoother and more soluble. It took a good 10 minutes to scrub my bath clean. I gave this 1/5 stars. I cannot find them on the website so I’m not sure of the retail price. 



This retails for $24.50. I actually really like this product. I use it every morning when I come out of the shower. It smells exactly like sour apple candy. It’s also smooth and easy to rub into the skin. I would recommend it. I gave this a 4.5/5 stars. 

This was everything I received in the mystery box. Judging from my overall thoughts of the company and their products, I wouldn’t buy from them again (aside from the soy melts). I just felt it could’ve been so much better. The quality wasn’t amazing and it didn’t do a very good job of creating a relaxing experience for me. Also, as I said earlier, I believe the company acted unprofessionally with not responding to me and not providing a box for their items. Furthermore, considering the retail cost for these products, $60 seems a bit expensive for only six items that weren’t that amazing. That is just my thoughts though. Feel free to check them out. They do have some cool stuff and I respect the ethos of the company. Let me know what you think down below. Did it seem worth it to you? Have you ever ordered from them before? I hope you’re having a great start to 2020! 

One more thing before I go, I am going to be posting twice a week for the next month or so. I have a few book and product reviews that I need to get through. Once I’m up to date, I’ll go back to blogging once a week. Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo 


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