I Tested 5 New Vegan Desserts (Easter Special)!

Hi all!

Happy Easter! This might be the most fun I’ve had putting together a post; simply because I got to test so many yummy vegan desserts. In 2019, I did a similar post for savoury vegan foods which you can check out here. Today I am going to be reviewing five new plant-based desserts and giving them a star rating out of 5. I hope you all got to eat some delicious chocolate, despite being in quarantine. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) ‘Joy’ – Coconut Key Lime Pie 


I had high hopes for this brand new vegan dessert from Sara Lee because I love coconut and lime together. Let me tell you…I was not disappointed in the slightest! This was so delicious – I would definitely buy it again. The creamy coconut frosting on top mixed so well with the lime filling and crumbly crust. Ahh I want another slice right now! All you have to do is cut the pie into halves and put in the fridge for a few hours before it’s ready to serve. Such a great treat for entertaining at home. 

I gave this 5/5 stars. 


2.) ‘Nannas’ – Apple & Sticky Toffee Snack Pies  


As printed on the package, these are snack pies, so they’re much smaller than a regular apple pie. Despite their size, just one on its own is very filling! These were so tasty. I already loved regular apple pies but the sticky toffee element made them so much more delectable. The crust was also yummy and crunchy. These would go great with vanilla soy ice cream on the side. Highly recommend and would buy again! 

I gave these a 5/5 stars. 


3.) ‘Buono’ – Mochi Coconut Ice Cream 


This dessert definitely isn’t for everybody. I am a firm believer that you either love mochi or you hate it. For those of you that don’t know, mochi is an Asian dessert made from glutinous rice; typically with a red bean, sesame or taro filling inside. I have eaten tons of mochi in the past but never in ice cream form. I really enjoyed this vegan dessert but I wish there were more flavours other than plain coconut. I may or may not buy them again. Give it a try if you’re curious! 

I gave this 4/5 stars. 


4.) ‘Simply Wize’ – Custard Pastries  


This was definitely my least favourite dessert in this post. I don’t know if it’s because the pastries were gluten free, but when I pulled them out of the box, they smelled awful. I honestly thought they had gone off for a second. After baking them in the oven, they smelled a bit better, however I was not a fan of the taste. The custard was probably the best part. The crust was not very nice. I would not buy these again but it’s good there is a vegan, GF option out there. 

I gave this 2/5 stars. 


5.) ‘Vego’ – Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate 


Okay, so originally I was going to taste test an authentic vegan Easter Creme Egg I found on the website Flora & Fauna (you can buy one here). Unfortunately it did not arrive in time due to COVID-19 delays, so instead I am giving you a review of the latest Vego Nuts & Berries Dark chocolate bar. I feel that Vego produces the best vegan chocolate I’ve ever tasted and this was no exception. It reminded me of a Cherry Ripe with the dark chocolate and berries. So so yum. Highly recommend. 

I gave this 5/5 stars.



I received these delicious freshly baked vegan chocolate hot cross buns as a surprise on my doorstep from a loved one. They were so yum. My husband and daughter enjoyed them too. We had a very nice Easter despite the isolation and were able to Zoom chat with our family. I hope you all had a great Easter too!

I gave these 5/5 stars. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you want me to try any new vegan desserts, please let me know (keep in mind I live in Australia). Also if you’re not following me on Instagram, please do @my_bookish_universe as I plan to taste test the vegan creme egg when it arrives on my story. 

Peace & Love xoxo

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