Annoying Things YouTubers & Their Subscribers Do!

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Today is going to be a super fun post. I am going to be listing all of the annoying things YouTubers and their subscribers do. It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of YouTube. Every single day without fail I watch videos posted by the content creators I’m subscribed to. It’s just a ritual for me now. If any of you have been following me for a while, you may remember I used to be a YouTuber too! Since it launched in 2005, I have become aware of certain patterns influencers and their subscribers follow that tend to irritate me. This is not directed at any particular YouTuber, nor does it contain any hate; it’s just for laughs. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Annoying Things YouTubers Do…

1.) The Clickbait Videos: 

This one is the most obvious. If you’re not aware, clickbait is a title or a thumbnail with an enticing message that makes you want to click. Now this is fine, if what you’re talking about actually happened…but a lot of YouTubers make things up so people will click on their videos and earn them views/money. For example, a YouTuber may title their video: ‘Someone Broke Into My House!’ Immediately we all click to find out what happened, but when we do, they just end up discussing how they were startled by their partner coming home and thought for a split-second they were being robbed. This can make viewers feel a bit cheated and unable to trust what the YouTuber is promoting. If you are a clickbait YouTuber, you may get a lot of views initially, but you won’t be very popular with your fans in the long run. As a blogger, I can also get people to click on my posts with shocking headings, but I choose not to. I always want to be 100% transparent with my subscribers. Shade! 

2.) The Disappearing Act:

This one bothers me the most. I don’t know if anybody can relate, so please comment down below if you do. I cannot stand when YouTubers disappear for months to sometimes years at a time without a word of warning. I’m not saying that they owe us personal explanations and I’m very aware that tragedies happen…but what really grinds my gears is when YouTubers just fall off the face of the planet because they got too busy or weren’t interested in making content anymore. This is fine and they are welcome to do that…but say something!!! Just make a quick post stating: ‘hey guys, I’m going to be gone for a while, not sure how long, but I need some space.’ The ones that don’t say anything really frustrate me. I was part of a YouTube Book Club last year that I was absolutely loving. Without any warning, they just stopped. No explanation, no indication if it was returning…nothing. The hosts of the book club were still posting on their social media but didn’t inform anybody about why it ended. I’m still salty about that one. As a blogger (unless a massive tragedy occurred) I would at least let my subscribers know if I was planning on taking a big break or not returning at all. It’s just common decency. Tea!

3.) The Irresponsible Advocators:

This one I have a huge issue with. I see this a lot with vegan YouTubers in particular. I have been a vegan for 7 years now, so I know a little bit about nutrition…but I would never claim to be an expert; nor would I recommend something that could potentially be harmful to my followers. I have watched vegans over the years tell their subscribers that they don’t need to supplement because whole foods will provide them with everything they need. NO! Vegans need B-12 and should get their bloodwork checked at least once a year. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve seen influencers advocating brands and products that are so dangerous. If you have a large platform, you need to be responsible for that. Influential viewers are watching and taking everything you say as gospel. I won’t name names but recently a YouTuber, who has over 1 million subscribers, suggested her followers drink silver to boost immune health. Medical science has proven ingesting silver is extremely toxic and detrimental to overall health. Please do not do this. It is not worth the money. As an influencer, do your research and only promote something that you truly believe in and can verify is safe.

4.) The No Disclaimers:

I am 100% on board with YouTubers who are sponsored, have affiliate links and make money from promoting products – provided they don’t violate the issue mentioned above. However, if you are making any sort of additional income from a video, you need to make that clear. It seems shady and untrustworthy if you don’t mention that your video is sponsored or that you will get a commission if a subscriber clicks your links in the description box. Always be transparent with your followers and give those disclaimers.

5.) The Missing Links:

This is just a small gripe, but I always sigh when a YouTuber says they will link something in the description and then just forget. I understand that they might be busy, but just remember whatever is missed will be followed up by at least one subscriber. Try to watch over the footage before posting and link everything you said you would or better yet, make a list beforehand and check over it so you know you’re covered. Again, not a big deal, but I had to mention it. 


Annoying Things Subscribers Do…

1.) The Trolls: 

I know trolls live to troll but honestly I would love to tell them to get a life. Do they seriously have nothing better to do? I am talking about those keyboard warriors that leave stupid/insulting comments just to get a reaction. As my husband says, ‘don’t feed the trolls.’ If you see one, just don’t engage. They want you to react. 

2.) The Jump-Aheads: 

These are the people that jump ahead before they’ve watched the entire video. They either will ask a question that the YouTuber answers later on, or make assumptions before they’ve finished viewing. I want to tell them to just relax, watch the entire clip and then ask/comment away!

3.) The Lazy Fans

The lazy fans are the ones that won’t bother to do their research before commenting. They will ask: ‘do you have a birth story’ when they could’ve just searched for ‘blah blah’s birth story’ first. They demand links that are already in the description box and want a YouTuber to answer a question they’ve answered a million times before. Ahhh! 

4.) The Black & White Aggressors: 

These are the highly opinionated subbers that comment on a video with black & white statements that do not work for everybody, but they insist they do. The worst of them are the mum-shamers who will say things like: ‘breast is best’ or ‘sleep training is downright cruel.’ They do not take into account everybody’s individual experiences. They slam those statements down and everyone has to be on board. These are the people I have argued with the most online, but I am no longer going to engage with them because it’s pointless. Tea and shade! 

5.) The ‘Why Are You Here’ Followers:

These people are similar to trolls, but the difference is that they are actually serious. They choose to complain about a video or the way somebody dresses, looks, talks, acts etc. Inevitably, the most common response they are met with is: ‘why are you here then?’ If a YouTuber is that annoying to you, what are you doing? Click off and go somewhere else! 

I hope you enjoyed this list and had a little chuckle. Are there any things I missed? Please let me know down below! At the end of the day, I have a lot of respect for YouTubers and I know how many wonderful subscribers are out there. Personally, I am grateful for each and every one of you! Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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