Coronavirus Around The World (Interview/Collaboration with SophieMagsBlog)

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Today I am bringing you my very first blogging collaboration post with the wonderful SophieMagsBlog! I contacted Sophie a couple of weeks ago and asked if she would like to be interviewed about what the pandemic is like in her corner of the world (England) and she happily agreed. She has a wonderful lifestyle blog and I’ve been a fan of hers for a while now. Sophie wrote up a template of questions and interviewed me as well – please check out my responses from Australia here. Despite being so far away, we are all in this together and our struggles are universal. Our aim is to show the similarities and differences in our own countries during this dark time; so as to feel connected no matter the distance. Without further ado, here is what Sophie had to say…

The beautiful Sophie! 

1.) How are you doing currently in this pandemic?

There are good days and bad days. The good being extremely good and the bad being extremely bad, but each new day is one step closer to the end and the thought of being able to see my friends and family again is getting me through this.

2.) What is the situation currently like in your country? 

England right now is in total lockdown. We have had quite a high number of deaths, with our Prime Minister getting coronavirus! It’s mad but its become the norm now and people are finding new ways to enjoy life.

3.) What have you been using this time to do?

I’ve been reading more as I don’t usually read books, and currently I’m teaching myself Spanish which is fun! Luckily I have a little pooch to keep me company, so she’s keeping me busy.

4.) Have you found any positives from the Corona Virus? 

Yes definitely, the planet is loving life right now and it makes me happy. Essentially Coronavirus is the result of our own actions, so it’s nice to see wildlife booming and the planet healing itself with a little break from humanity.

5.) What has been the hardest part for you? 

I think it has to be spending this much time with my own brain. I live on my own and I’m usually such a sociable person, so spending this much time in my own company is driving me a little mad. Each day is a new challenge, but it also makes me proud that I have been managing it!

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Remember to check out my responses on her post and please follow Sophie on all social media handles below: 

Twitter: @sophiemags

Instagram: @sophiemagsblog


Thank you Sophie for taking the time to chat with me and I hope to collaborate with you again someday! Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo 

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