Abigail’s Second Birthday Party In Lockdown – Photo Diary!

Hi all!

On July 8th, our beautiful daughter Abigail turned 2 and yesterday, we held a little celebration for her at our house. Due to strict lockdown rules and regulations, we set up a Zoom party with our family to sing to her as we cut the cake. Abigail is obsessed with Minnie Mouse so we chose her as the theme. Despite the pandemic, we wanted to do something she could look back on in the future. Also, I have mentioned this in a previous post but I no longer feature images of my child’s face on social media. I wrote why here. Here is a little photo diary for the day. Enjoy!

My sister made this gorgeous bunting for Abigail to hang up! Isn’t it beautiful?

I love the old-school style Minnie Mouse cartoon and the soft blue tones. My sister is going to make a runner for Abigail’s new chest of drawers with the same pattern.
We decorated the house as much as we could! Most of these decorations are from Big W in Australia.
Funny story, Abigail released the first helium balloon I got her into the sky so I had to go back to the shop and get another one!
Our little set-up!
Cannot believe our baby is 2!
Some lovely cards from her family
Abigail’s auntie and uncle bought her this wooden Minnie car – so cute!
Abigail’s prized possessions!
Her gorgeous fluffy onesie I found on Ebay!
Mum dropped off a vegan lemon homemade cake – it was yum!
Our family sung happy birthday then raised a glass to Abigail. It was very special having them all celebrate her birthday.

Thank you so much for reading. How have you celebrated your child’s birthday during this pandemic?

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. What a scrumptious- looking cake and that Minnie car is something I would treasure myself . . . I love that you are not showing photos of your daughter online anymore; I think that is something more people should do!

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