The 5 Best Vegan Products From ALDI!

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Today I am going to be sharing with you five of my favourite vegan products from ALDI in Australia. If you don’t know what ALDI is, it’s a German family-owned, discount supermarket chain. It’s the best place to grocery shop on a budget because everything is so cheap but still good quality. I am a huge fan of their nappies and ever expanding plant-based range. Without further ado, here are all the food items I swear by.

1.) ‘Simply Vegetarian’ – Meat Free Sausages 


These vegan sausages are the best! They taste so delicious and are really versatile in dishes. I love to fry them up and put them in stews, hot dogs, curries, pasta and more. The taste and texture are super authentic. I am a massive fan. They also contain plenty of protein and fibre.

2.)  ‘Imperial Grain’ Steamed Coconut Basmati Rice 


I am obsessed with this coconut rice! All you have to do is cut the top, pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds and serve with curries, stir-fry’s, instant pot recipes and more. It’s infused with lemongrass that provides the perfect bit of tang. I cannot recommend this enough.

3.) ‘Urban Eats’ Japanese Style Vegetable Gyoza 


This is without a doubt my favourite ALDI product. I have tried so many supermarket dumplings/gyoza and have never liked any of them. These are the first that actually taste restaurant worthy. I put them in a steamer pot, serve with tamari and go to town. Abigail loves them too! It’s one of the only ways I can get her to eat vegetables. If you live in Australia, you have to try these.

4.) ‘Made Real’ Coconut & Macadamia Paleo Bars 


For a snack, I can’t go past these Paleo bars. I love that they are healthy but great tasting. The ingredients are minimal but packed with plenty of protein. Abigail loves to nibble on these too. They are perfect to bring on the go. There are other flavours as well but these are my favourite.

5.) ‘Yoconut’ Vanilla Ice Cream Bars


Last but not least, I have to mention these coconut ice cream bars. They also have a salted caramel flavour but I’m partial to the plain vanilla. The chocolate is delicious and the filling is really creamy. I just realised that 3/5 of these products contain coconut. I have a problem!

One More Thing…


ALDI in Australia now has vegan wooden food sets for kids! I bought one for Abigail for only $9.99 AUD and she loves it! You all know how I feel about wooden toys – check out this post here. I’m so impressed that ALDI has this option for vegan/vegetarian children.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know your favourite vegan-friendly products from ALDI! I would love to do more posts like this from other stores so if you have any suggestions, leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I also never really liked may of the dumplings I bought from the stores. Either they taste too artificial or just too salty. I might try to find these Gyozas and give them a go. Thank you for the recommendations my friend!

  2. Just tried the Veggie GYOZA dumplings today and they are fantastic! Just steamed them and made a dip. A new fave! I am disappointed that the Aldi store here in Maryborough, Qld no longer carries the “organic” firm Tofu. I eat quite a bit of Tofu and will only buy organic brands. I read there was a shortage of organic soy beans last year, but it seems to have still affected the supply this year. Do you know anything about this? As for the coconut products, I am often tempted but since my husband had a heart attack, saturated fat is off the menu for us. Those things with coconut you shared look amazing though!

    1. The Gyoza are by far the best products from ALDI!!! Oh no the tofu is great! I hope you get it again. In Victoria we still have the tofu! I’m sorry about your husband 🙁 thank you for reading and commenting

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