1K Bookish Q&A – Part 2!

Hi all!

On Monday, I posted Part 1 of my 1K Bookish Q&A which you can check out here. Today I will be answering the remaining 13 questions submitted to me on Twitter. I had so much fun writing this post! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Q14.) What’s a genre you never thought you would read and now love? 

I used to read exclusively fantasy and only in the last couple of years, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of contemporary. I now read more contemporary than fantasy. I love how relatable and real the stories are.

Q15.) What genre do you rarely read but wish you did? 

I really want to read more non-fiction and memoirs. I’m trying to immerse myself more in the real world as opposed to fictional tales. Feel free to leave some suggestions down below.  

Q16.) Of all the books you own, which cover is the most beautiful?

Oh my friends, that is an easy one! This stunning 80th Anniversary Edition of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier that my mum bought for me. I know I sound like a broken record but I was named after this classic. It’s simply breathtaking. I will treasure it for the rest of my days. 


Q17.) What book has impacted you the most? 

In the first part, I discussed which childhood book impacted me the most. A book that impacted me from adolescence onwards was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It is such a romantic yet tragic story that tore at my heart. I discovered it at University and was never the same.

Q18.) What is your guilty pleasure book/s? 

My guilty pleasure books are horror novels that scare me silly. In October I am going to be sharing my top 10 favourite horror novels, so look out for that! 

Q19.) Who’s your favourite author and have you met them in person?

I was extremely lucky to have met one of my favourite authors (Anne Rice) in person. I wrote an entire blog post about the experience here

Meet the Bookstagrammer! 

Q20.) What book do you love the most? 

My favourite book of all time is IT by Stephen King. I’ve lovingly annotated my copy with all of my thoughts and feelings. It’s an epic journey one must go on! 

Q21.) What is the most atrocious thing you’ve done to a book?

Speaking of IT, I accidentally dropped half of it in the bath! A lot of the pages are crusty now. That is definitely the most atrocious thing I’ve ever done to a book. 

Q22.) What is a book you were most excited about before its release, but ended up being so disappointed by?

For this question, I’m going to say Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak. It’s hard to believe the same man who wrote The Book Thief and The Messenger wrote this novel. I was so excited to read it and by the end, I was extremely bored and disappointed. I would still recommend you make up your own mind but it was a big no for me.   

Q23.) Do you prefer plot or character driven stories?

I’m all about character driven stories. The characters can make or break a book. I love watching them grow, develop, interact, fall in love, hurt and heal. I don’t care if a story has a sub-par plot; just give me quality characters and I’m sold. 

Q24.) Do you pick up books solely because you like the cover? 

A pretty cover is always a plus but I’m a concept reader. If a book has an interesting idea – no matter how it looks on the outside – I will pick it up.  

Q25.) Have you ever been influenced by someone else’s opinion on a book and regretted it? 

I don’t believe so? I never regret any book that I read, even if I didn’t like it. I am always glad I gave it a go. Having said that, I’ve picked up many a hyped book and wondered if I was missing something.

Q26.) Would you read a book you’ve heard mostly negative reviews on? If so, why?

Yes! In fact, I am planning on doing a future post about all of my thoughts regarding the controversial novel: After by Anna Todd. Even if a book has a negative review, I want to see what I think of it. A lot of people said they hated A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins and I ended up giving it 5/5 stars. You can read all my thoughts on it here. It just goes to show how subjective reading is. Don’t let someone else’s review deter you from picking up a book.

 Thank you so much for all of the interesting questions! I was blown away by how unique and interesting they were. I appreciate all of you. 

Peace & Love xoxo 

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to my Book Depository Affiliate. I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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  1. Oh my, I accidentally dropped Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the bath (oops). IT is HUGE! Yeah, After was clearly not for me but maybe you’ll enjoy it! It’s great getting to know more about you!

    1. Oh no I totally understand your pain haha! I can tell I’m not going to enjoy After but I really want to critique it as I’ve seen others do it on YouTube and blogs. Thank you for taking the time to learn more 🙂 xx

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