The Audrey Daybook Magazine Review + Scrapbook Flip Through!

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Today I have a very special, creative post to share with you all. For my birthday, I received some money that I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with. I ended up making the best investment. I subscribed to the Audrey Daybook which is an inspirational magazine filled with bespoke puzzles and heartening articles. I’m going to outline why Audrey is so fantastic (not sponsored but sponsor me please!) and feature some of my favourite scrap-booking pages.

According to the Audrey Magazine website: Published bi-monthly, each issue is organised around a thought-provoking theme. Our editorial content falls into four broad categories: Community, Creativity, Wellbeing and Experience. We are proud to regularly feature outstanding writing by celebrated and emerging Australian and international writers.



What I love about Audrey is that it features heartfelt pieces from Australian and New Zealander people, including those from Indigenous/Aboriginal backgrounds. It’s so diverse, aesthetically pleasing, inspirational, creative and different to any magazine I’ve ever picked up before. Let me talk you through how I like to tackle Audrey. Firstly, I complete all of the wonderful puzzles. Secondly, I read all the brilliant articles. Finally, I cut out every gorgeous image and use them for scrap-booking. This ensures I make the most of the entire publication. Here are some images from Issue #18:





Now I want to share how I use the graphics for scrap-booking. Please note I am very new to this hobby!








If you wish to subscribe, please click here. It is currently $64 AUD for 6 issues over 12 months. I am going to continue the subscription until Audrey stops publishing. I’m absolutely obsessed. I’m so blown away by the artwork, design, articles and puzzles that I’ve been purchasing back-issues. You can win prizes, submit short-stories, enter competitions and as I’ve been doing, create collages from the pictures within. I get so excited when a brand new edition shows up on my door. I read a lot of books, but it’s so nice to unwind with a magazine every now and then on the couch with a hot beverage. Let me know if you’re subscribed to a particular magazine. Furthermore, please let me know if you’ve ever picked up Audrey. I would also love some scrap-booking tips!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading!

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I am not sponsored for the product/review above. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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