BIPOC YouTubers I Highly Recommend!

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Quick Note: I recently re-branded my blog into ‘My Bookish Universe’ which is also my Instagram page name. Nothing else has changed. I will still be posting the same content but I feel like I have matured from Peace Love Veggies and wanted to accurately represent myself in this time of my life. Unfortunately I cannot change my domain name without potentially losing some content/needing to pay for a new one so the website is still under but I am 100% ‘My Bookish Universe!’ 

Today I am going to be sharing some BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) YouTuber’s I highly recommend and am subscribed to. I want to continue uplifting and amplifying black voices as much as possible so I will definitely make another post like this in the future as I discover more amazing black creators. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Joel @FictionalFates

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Joel is such a rising star on BookTube. He started his channel two months ago and already has 40k followers!  Half Jamaican, half Welsh, this bisexual boy is an author in progress, host of a bookclub and a rep for the subscription service IllumicrateWhat I love about Joel is his aesthetic. He has an incredible wardrobe that he uses to match outfits to book covers, an enviable TBR cart and fantastic editing skills. He’s adorable, witty and extremely friendly. Please subscribe today! 

2.) Tyler @Reading In Black

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You know I love reading so I had to include another BookTuber. Tyler is an African American woman that shares her love for reading in a frank, refreshing and unapologetic way. She is particularly fond of the self-help genre and enjoys sharing key quotes and life lessons taken from the pages of her novels. I love watching Tyler because she doesn’t typically read the same books as everybody else. She’s introduced me to lots of non-fiction I have never heard of before with beautifully crafted videos. Join her ever-growing channel! 

3.) Emmanuel Acho @Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man 

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Emmanuel is a former NRL linebacker for the Cleveland Browns who now works as an analyst at Fox Sports 1. Two months ago, he started a series on YouTube called Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man where he sits down with different people and discusses racism, white privilege, police brutality, religion, interracial relationships, blind colorism and more. His videos have gained so much global recognition that he’s currently working on a book with Oprah (you can pre-order it here) and got the opportunity to interview Matthew McConaughey in his second episode. These videos are so eye-opening, raw, emotional, educational and real. I highly recommend them to everybody. My mum loves them too. Whenever he uploads, I send her the latest episode and we discuss it afterwards. We need to be having more of these conversations, listening to people of colour and doing better once we know better. Please check them out. 

4.) Jazmine @The Mom Psychologist 

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Jazmine is such a life-saver! She’s a professional trained psychologist that specialises in assisting stressed parents and raising emotionally health children. She has two toddlers so she speaks from plenty of experience! Jazmine is committed to teaching her viewers how to discuss race with their own children, see colour and rear anti-racist allies. She’s also helped me so much with my own parenting struggles; such as how to get kids to stop throwing food, encouraging independent play, limiting screen time, working through sleep regressions and more. She’s so sweet, funny and friendly. I really appreciate having someone like Jazmine in my subscription box, helping me along the crazy road of parenting! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some great new people to follow. If you know of any great BIPOC YouTuber’s, please recommend them to me. I want to keep finding new black creators and the algorithm is notoriously white-centered (as is everything) so I need a bit of help seeking them out. 

Thanks so much for reading. Peace & Love xoxo 

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to my Book Depository Affiliate. I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own


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