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I’m back today with another ranking post. These are so much fun and you all really seem to enjoy them. Today I am going to rank horror movie villains from least to most scariest. If I haven’t included a villain you would expect to see it’s because I haven’t seen that film before. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Jigsaw from Saw

Allow me to explain why I believe Jigsaw from Saw is the least threatening villain on this list. Jigsaw only targets the worst kind of human beings that show no appreciation for life. As a good person (I hope) who is very thankful to be alive, Jigsaw wouldn’t be interested in playing a game with me. If for some reason I was picked to be his latest victim, I would have a chance of survival. Everybody does…but at a huge price.

2.) Norman Bates from Psycho

Norman Bates may be a crazy, mama’s boy but he’s still a human. He can be killed and more importantly, he can be avoided. Just don’t stay in his motel and you’ll be fine! Furthermore, don’t go into his mansion unless you wish to see the rotted skeleton of his mother sitting in a rocking chair!

3.) Annie Wilkes from Misery

Annie is one terrifying woman but she also lives in a very remote area in the middle of nowhere. If you were unlucky enough like Paul Sheldon to get into a car accident right near her home, you would be screwed. Find her gun before she finds her sledgehammer! You’ll be much safer frequenting more populated towns and cities.

4.) Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal

You do not want to end up on the menu for this cannibalistic killer. However, Hannibal is a refined man who doesn’t just murder randomly. You have to pique his interest first and actually spend time in his company. The most disturbing thing is how normal and pleasant he seems. It begs the question: could a cannibal be somebody you know; hiding in plain sight? That’s the real horror story.

5.) Ghostface from Scream

Ghostface is also a human serial killer but he/she is masked, so their identity is unknown. If you’re on their list, you better start running because you don’t when or where they’re going to end your life. They could even appear inside your house! Ghostface is hell-bent on making his/her victims pay and that kind of mindless blood-lust is terrifying.

6.) Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses

You do not want to run into Captain Spaulding. If you happen to cross paths, you’re very unlikely to escape alive. As the patriarch of the murderous Firefly family, he lures unsuspecting victims into his establishment to be killed, tortured and raped by his own kin. He’s also just plain terrifying to look at.

7.) Jack Torrance from The Shining

Jack Torrance is a troubled individual. Even before he sets foot in the Overlook Hotel, it’s evident that he’s suffered from a traumatic past. Jack’s father was an abusive alcoholic who bashed Jack’s mother with a cane (this is shown in a flashback). His descent into madness is truly horrifying. He has no qualms about murdering his own wife and child. The fact that he’s encouraged by the spirits of the hotel to kill his family makes him even more dangerous.

8.) Annabelle from Annabelle

Annabelle is fairly high on our spooky list because she’s an incredibly creepy looking doll, possessed by a spirit with the same name. Once she’s in your home, you cannot get rid of her. You can move houses, dump her in the garbage, set her on fire…it doesn’t matter. She will show up again and again. We never see the doll walk around. She just appears in various rooms wreaking havoc. The only way she can be contained is in a strong, glass-proof case. This is shown in The Conjuring films. If you ever see a doll like this…run!

9.) Samara from The Ring

If you ever watch a video that triggers a spirit telling you you will die in seven days, make a copy of the tape! If you don’t do this, Samara will come for you in whatever way possible. What makes this villain so terrifying is her appearance and jerky, disjointed movements. She wears a tattered white dress and long, straight black hair covering her face (which is pock-marked and decayed). She’s not somebody you want to mess with. If you’ve seen the films, you know that the scene where she climbs out of the well is one of the most horrifying to date.

10.) Pennywise from IT

Last but certainly not least is the iconic Pennywise from IT. The reason I believe he/she is the scariest villain is because the majority of humans are freaked out by clowns. Not only that, Pennywise shifts its form into whatever you fear the most. It will play tricks on your mind and speak to you from the drains. It feasts on your terror and flesh. Try telling me Pennywise doesn’t belong at the top. I dare you!

What did you think? How would you have ranked these villains? Leave your list down below! I would love to do another one of these in the future. Thanks for reading!

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