The Vegan Cookbook Challenge!

Hi all!

Today will be a short, simple post. In 2021, I am going to begin a challenge that will finally force me to dig into my many vegan cookbooks and create new, plant based recipes. I really want to use them to push myself in the kitchen. I’m so tired of making the same, basic meals. Not only will this be fun, it will provide some good content on this blog in the new year! Without further ado, allow me to explain how it will work!

From top to bottom, we have: Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, The Global Vegan, There’s a Vegan in the Kitchen, Thug Kitchen, Vegan Everyday & Isa Does It

I went through every single book and noted down the page numbers with recipes. Each month, I will use a number generator to randomly select a cookbook from 1 – 6 and if it lands on The Global Vegan for example, I’ll access the website again to pick a number from 26-290. Whatever it lands on, I’ll cook that recipe. Once it’s completed, I’ll photograph it, share the recipe on this blog and review it. Hopefully I can provide a diverse amount of meals with you! I’ll also upload an image of what the meal is supposed to look like and show you my version of it – for laughs!

Let me know what you think! Feel free to join me (vegan or not) and use this method to make good use of all your own cookbooks.

Thanks for reading! The first post will be up in January 2021!

Peace & Love xoxo

Disclaimer: This post contains links to my Book Depository Affiliate. I am not being paid or sponsored for this post/products – all my thoughts/opinions are my own

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