All Of My Thoughts Reading ‘Ready Player Two’ by Ernest Cline (Contains Spoilers)

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HAPPY BONUS LAST POST OF 2020! Today I’m going to be doing a Buzzfeed-style book review, listing all of my thoughts from when I read Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. I did a similar post earlier this year for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. You can check that out here. Despite the casual format, it will contain spoilers so if you haven’t read it yet, I would not advise continuing on. If you aren’t aware, this is a sequel to Ready Player One that was released in 2011. It follows Wade Watts only days after winning James Halliday’s contest in the Oasis. Hidden within Halliday’s vault, waiting for his heir to find, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the Oasis a thousand times more wondrous than even Wade dreamed possible. However, everything comes with a price and with this new discovery, comes an impossibly dangerous new rival that threatens Wade’s life and the future of the Oasis. Without further ado, let’s get into it!



– Let’s do this! I’m not going to compare this to Ready Player One. I’m not going to compare this to Ready Player One…

– The minute Wade mentioned Shoto, I felt my heart sink. R.I.P Daito 🙁 

– Wow James Halliday was a busy man! Not only did he create the entire OASIS and a super hard contest, he also built the ONI only to leave Wade with the burden of whether to release it to the world or not.

– Okay the ONI sounds amazing. Did anybody else immediately think of a list of things they would do if it was real because I sure did?!

I really like that the new riddle is entirely dedicated to Kira Morrow. This one sounds a billion times more complicated than the original. 


– I’m sad that Samantha and Wade are no longer together but I can completely understand why. I feel like they both make valid points but I’m leaning more towards Samantha’s view.

– The ONI is a good metaphor for social media. There are pros and cons to its existence but what it really comes down to is how it is used. 

– Wade is the perfect example of how having all of the money and power in the world ultimately leads to a lonely and unsatisfying life. I do not envy him in the slightest. 

– Aech is the best character, let’s be real.

– I love that Wade’s virtual therapist takes the form of Dr. Sean Maguire from Good Will Hunting. Excellent choice!

– I’m a little disappointed that Wade paid a random gunter one billion dollars to find one of the shardsThe old Wade didn’t need help! 

– Is this L0hengrin the new Samantha? 

– YES! We have a transgender character!!! Thank you Ernest Cline for discussing non-binary/transgender people and gender fluidity in the first 100 pages of this book!

– This first shard is giving me Pokemon Gym Leader badges vibes.

– There is a lot of alluding to Wade pushing this big red button. Is this how it’s all going to end?

– Ogden Morrow is missing?! Now things are heating up!

– Wait…Nolan Sorrento has been released from prison?! Now things are really heating up!

– Og is now playing for The Seven Shards too? Nolan definitely has a hand in this.

– Alright I take back everything I said about things heating up because Anorak has just appeared and he’s evil…WHAT THE ACTUAL?!

– Halliday unknowingly released an AI that is going to pretty much annihilate the entire world unless Wade and his friends save the day? NO PRESSURE!


– Samantha has every right to say ‘I told you so…’

– Look, I know they are going to do this. Ernest Cline wouldn’t write a morbid ending where millions of people die but I still can’t help feel anxious and doubtful that they can do it in time.

– No body, no proof of death. I’m confident Samantha survived. She better!!

– This book went from 0-100 really fast! Let’s do this High Five! 

– Okay Samantha is fine…knew it!

– Come on Wade – you’ve really lost your touch!

– The Ninja Princess game sequence reminded me why I loved Ready Player One so much.

– So Wade basically just confirmed what I was suspecting. Anorak is attempting to awaken Kira Morrow’s AI by reuniting The Seven Shards of her soul. HOLY MOLY!

– The flashbacks of Kira’s life are so bittersweet. You can just tell what an incredible person she was.

– I am not kidding when I say that the Andie clue made me automatically think of Andie MacDowell in Groundhog Day. It’s one of my favourite movies!

– The fact that there is an entire quest set within John Hughes’s movies is automatically giving this book an extra star. I am obsessed with The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, National Lampoon’s Vacation series, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and more! I fangirled so hard throughout this part!

– I don’t just love this world because I’m an avid gamer. I’m an 80’s kid and all of the pop culture referenced in both books makes my heart so happy.

– I think Wade and Sam are going to get back together!

– I totally would’ve been into educational games as a kid if they were designed in the same way. My own tree house? Yes please!

– Oh no, what now Faisal? 

– So the NPC’s are going nuts and players can’t respawn when they die? Fantastic…

– I like that OG has left them clues along the way, including the location of his hideout.

– Yes! The High Five and L0w Five working together!

– Alright…don’t hate me guys but I hardly know anything about Prince (*braces for purple lightning to strike) so I’m enjoying getting schooled by Aech in Afterworld. 

– This quest seems impossible…

– I was wondering when Sorrento would show up.

– When Aech was handing out the instruments and mentioned she would sing, I immediately thought of Ron Weasley declaring he would be a Knight in The Philosopher’s Stone. 

– This is epic!!! What would they have done without Aech? Seriously, they all would’ve died if not for her.

– Shoto! Did you learn nothing?! He will be stuck in limbo now 🙁

– The last two shards just happen to be in the worst, darkest and deadliest place ever? Of course they are!

– I’m going to say it again – this quest seems impossible. I’m not liking their chances. Morgoth – are you kidding me?

– Bye bye Aech but welcome back Samantha! 

– Seriously Wade would’ve failed a long time ago without the help of his amazing friends. 

– I knew they would have a back-up plan for Anorak and I was waiting for the return of the big, red button! Brace yourselves! 


– I am preparing my emotional self for the fact that Og is not going to make it.

– It’s funny how Wade and Halliday ended up sharing a lot of personal similarities. I know what it’s like to idolise somebody, only to wind up seeing their inevitable flaws.

– One thing I want to note: I wish we had seen more of Sorrento. He didn’t play nearly as big a part as I thought he would and now he’s dead.

– In a twisted way I feel sorry for Halliday but Kira would never have loved him no matter what. It’s time to move on buddy.

– OKAY WOW IT IS ON! The battle of two legends! I wasn’t expecting this but I’m glad it happened!

– Yes L0 saves the day with The Dorkslayer! Eat steel Anorak! 

– Wade is about to resurrect Kira as Leucosia and I’m about to feel all the feels.

– Wow The Rod of Resurrection definitely sounds more like a blessing than a curse. I wish it was real so I could reunite with lost, loved ones 🙁

– Og and Kira are back and so is Sam’s grandmother? Are you trying to kill me Ernest Cline?


– This is not the ending I was expecting but it’s super cool. AI copies living forever and travelling to a new planet? I’ll take it! I felt a tear well up when AI Wade said that regular Wade named his daughter Kira. 

– This feels like an ending and a new beginning all in one…


I gave this 4.5/5 stars. 

I have seen a lot of negative reviews on Goodreads about this story and I’m a little baffled as to why. Firstly, nobody should be comparing this to Ready Player One. It should be seen as extra bonus content set in a world we know and love. I’m happy we got more and don’t see it as a waste at all. Secondly, yes Wade is not the same but everything he went through would change a person. That is the most realistic thing in the book. I appreciate that Ernest Cline has included a transgender character, discussions about race and important issues. He is being slammed for trying to be woke but at least he is trying. Finally, I had a lot of fun in the quest for The Seven Shards. Was it a perfect book? No…but what matters is our enjoyment level and mine was high!

I hope you enjoyed this different style review. Have you read this book? What did you think? If you want me to do more posts like this, let me know. You can order a copy here. Thanks for reading!

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