‘Enantiodromia’: by Mike X Welch – (Spoiler-Free) New Release Book Review!

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Today I am going to be giving you a spoiler-free review of Mike X Welch’s new release (publication date: January 31st 2021) of Enantiodromia. I was lucky enough to receive a physical copy from the author himself in exchange for an honest review. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please click here. Without further ado, let’s get into the post!


Featured Stories:

Turning of the Bones – A lost spirit in Madagascar seeks to guide his descendants to his body so he can finally be free.
The First and Last Drink of Ilona Odd – A recovering alcoholic waits at a tavern in order to pay off a hit man. But there are more spirits around than just those behind the bar.
You Might Get It – A drunk and grieving widower has his wish fulfilled when his recently deceased wife knocks on the front door.
Tuesdays with Moran’d’arth – Sandy Kavanaugh is a world-renowned horror author with millions of dollars and a loving family. So why is he so miserable? Is it the ageless demon in his barn?
Peta Babkama Luruba – A Babylonian slave recounts the events that led to her emancipation – over 4,000 years ago.


I appreciated Mike’s take on characters from different cultures, tribes and genders. In his last story, he wrote from the perspective of a female slave. It felt empowering to read as a woman. Overall, this book was quite pro-feminist, which impressed me. It is hard to character build when you’re not delivering a fully-fledged novel but I still felt Mike was able to make me care and connect to them. This was especially true in the first story about the lost spirit in Madagascar. Each story presented flawed but relatable characters that made an impact despite their short appearances.


In my opinion, Mike’s biggest strength lay in his writing style. It requires great talent to write such deep, compelling stories in just a finite number of pages. He managed to raise the hairs on the back of my neck, whilst tugging at my heartstrings. It was really well-structured and gripping. He didn’t waste a single word. I’m really looking forward to reading more from this author in the future! I feel these five fleshed out, poignant tales will stay with me for a long time… 


I gave this 5/5 stars. I was very impressed with this short story collection.

I hope you enjoyed this honest, spoiler-free review. Feel free to order a copy for yourself from the link above.

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