The Breath of the Wild Readathon – Round #0.5: The Great Plateau – My TBR!

Hi all!

Today it is with much excitement that I wish to announce The Breath of the Wild Readathon created by Caz from Little Book Owl and Red from Little Red Reader.

If you’re a huge Zelda fan like me, you are going to love this series of readathons based on the award-winning game: Breath of the Wild. I completed it in 2019 and honestly, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. I am so excited for the sequel. Follow the botwathon page for more details and announcements. As you can see by the title, the very first round (#0.5) is a mini, weeklong readathon. It takes place at The Grand Plateau and your job is to complete as many rune challenges as possible in order to obtain the glider. That will come in handy later for the bigger quest rounds. It will run from May 17th – 23rd.


* Camera Trial – Share your Readathon TBR list 

This can be done on the official Instagram or Twitter page. 

* Stasis Trial – Participate in a Reading Sprint 

This will be announced on the official Twitter page. 

* Bomb Trial – Read an action-packed book that is set in a land far away 

My Pick: Wilder Girls by Rory Power 

* Magnesis Trial – Read a book you’re drawn to 

My Pick: Heartstopper Volume 4 by Alice Oseman 

* Cryonis Trial – Read a book with winter vibes 

My Pick: Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates 

* Forest of Spirits (OPTIONAL) – Read a book with mythical/supernatural elements 

I’m going to pass on this one

* Temple of Time (OPTIONAL) – Read a book pertaining to the passage of time 

I’m going to pass on this one

There are a few extra rules and guidelines that were discussed in the YouTube video which you can check out here.

I definitely want to take part in every round possible and make my way through the entire game. My TBR is not completely set in stone – the books mentioned above are what I’m aiming to read but it could change. Let me know if you joining in and what your TBR is. I cannot wait to begin!

Thank you for reading! Peace & Love xoxo

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