My Favourite Ethical Fashion Purchases!

Hi all!

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourite ethical fashion purchases! I want to stress before I begin that I am not perfect and still contribute to the fast fashion market every now and then. However, I am consciously making steps toward a more sustainable wardrobe. I’ve noticed that my closet includes more secondhand and eco-friendly items now than cheap, impulse buys. I wrote a post about this topic a few years ago that you can check out here. That article details what fast-fashion is, how you can shop more ethically and provides further resources if you’re interested. This post is purely showcasing my best pieces. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Sybilla Collection – Green Coat

This coat is everything! It’s actually a darker green but I used a filter to brighten the image. I found it on the Salvation Army website in great condition (size 14) and barely worn. The price point was also super reasonable. Coats like these normally go for upwards of $60. I got it for $29.95. It’s very warm, good quality and just a gorgeous colour. I’ve had a few people compliment it and they’ve all been shocked to learn it was secondhand.

2.) Rowie – Lucie Snow Pants Cord

This is by far the most expensive pair of pants I’ve ever bought but worth every penny. Rowie is an Australian, ethically produced clothing brand with a fantastic range of items. The products arrive in recyclable bags too which is great for the environment. These cord trousers (size L) fit so nicely. I don’t normally wear white but I’m glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone for these pants. They go with so many of my jumpers and tops. Perfect for winter!

3.) Everlane – Cropped Cardigan 

As a birthday treat, I splurged on this cropped cardigan (size L) from Everlane because I don’t own one and decided it was time to invest in a timeless, beautiful piece that will last me years. It has an almost mohair type fabric that sits lightly against your skin but still keeps you warm. The shade is a stunning slate blue. I love the chunky sleeves and design with the big, brown buttons. I’m not going to lie, it was expensive but I can see why. I know I’m going to get so much wear out of it.

4.) PIPER Petites – Knit Jumper 

This jumper is just pure perfection. I swear it was made for me. I found it on the Salvation Army website with the tags still on for $20 (size M). This particular brand is sold at a department store called Myer, which is more pricey. The style is quintessential Bec. I love grey, an interesting sleeve and chest coverage. It looks really professional and chic. I like to wear it to work with some black trousers and boots.

5.) Harvard Store – Official College Jumper

If you want to buy secondhand but aren’t interested in thrift stores, try Depop. Over the years, I’ve collected jumpers/t-shirts from various universities but I really wanted an official Harvard one. I found this (size M) online from a guy that attended Harvard and wore it around campus. I love it. It is my most worn item of clothing. I’m also in love with the burgundy shade. I wore it to a dentist appointment and the technician asked me if I went to Harvard. Nope! Not that smart!

6.) Zara – White Knitted Jumper 

I tend to avoid Zara because it’s more expensive but after finding this beauty for only $20 on the Salvation Army website, I had to snap it up. It has a high neck and a matching, knitted middle. It’s another piece that goes with everything and just makes me feel put together.

7.) DECJUBA – Isabella Burnout Blouse 

This is exactly the kind of clothing I like to wear. I love a high-neck, an interesting sleeve and chest coverage, which I already mentioned above. This particular brand is on the pricier side but I found this gorgeous top (size 14) for half the price on the Salvation Army website. I love wearing it to work. It’s so classy and goes with so many different styles of pants/leggings.

8.) Two Leaves – Cropped Shirt 

I discovered this gorgeous shirt on the Salvation Army website brand new (size 14) with the tags still on. The unique shade and style drew me to it. I’m obsessed with the crimped Peter Pan collar and fit. It was $20 and in great condition. Another excellent find!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know down below if you enjoy thrifting or shopping sustainably. What are your favourite items of ethical clothing?

Thanks for reading! Peace & Love xoxo

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