‘Sekhmet and the Curse’: Book #2 – Warfare of the Gods Series by Caleb Ortega – New Release Book Review!

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Back in February, I was given the opportunity to work with talented author Caleb Ortega and read/review his fantastic Warfare of the Gods series. You can find my spoiler-free review of Book #1 here and an exclusive interview with Caleb here. Today I am going to be reviewing Book #2 – Sekhmet and the Curse. A big thank you to Caleb for sending me a copy and allowing me to continue along this wonderful adventure he has created. I will include slight spoilers as this is the second book in the series. Without further ado, lets get into it!


After the battle at Olympus, the gods have begun to pick up the pieces and move toward a brighter tomorrow. Everyone except for Sekhmet that is. Bearing the guilt of her sister’s death, she has decided to travel into death’s grip and save Bastet. With the help of some unlikely gods, Sekhmet will journey into Sheol, a land lorded over by the Beast. He has never let anyone who has received his marks return from death, but Sekhmet has never been the type to take no for an answer. The only question is; How far is she willing to go to redeem her sister?


The biggest difference between the first and second book is the POV’s. In The Writer and the Throne, there are multiple perspectives, taking place in multiple locations. In Sekhmet and the Curse, we follow only Sekhmet’s story. She is a super sassy protagonist with a mission. I really enjoyed the dynamic between herself, Tyr and Ares, who find themselves joining her. You can expect plenty of fun banter between three very different Gods/Goddess of War. It was heartwarming to see just how devoted Sekhmet was to her sister and her travel companions for her. There is even a hint of romance…


The writing style has definitely evolved from the first novel. With only one POV to follow, the author was able to flesh out more of Sekhmet’s thoughts and feelings. I preferred the one on one perspective. He also set the ending up with plenty of questions and avenues for more action. I can see how this is going to be a five book series. My only issue with the story (and it is a very minor one) was how willing the trio were to give up their memories. I’m not sure I could’ve made a choice like that so quickly and confidently. It certainly took the story in a different direction but still an interesting one.


I gave this 4/5 stars. It was really enjoyable and adventurous. 

Once again a huge thank you to Caleb for giving me such a great opportunity. I hope you enjoyed my review. If you’re interested in ordering a copy, please click here. Don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

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