My Favourite Wooden Kids Toys/Brands Part 2

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Last year, I published Part 1 of this post, which you can check out here. Now that Abigail is a little over three years old, she has a new set of wooden toys she plays with. Today I am including all of the items she interacts with the most, as well as the companies that made them. Most of them are for 3+ and up. I love how environmentally friendly and fun wooden toys are. They help spark creativity and imaginative play. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) ALDI’s Wooden Role Play Foods – Pasta Set 

Abi received this wooden pasta set for her birthday and she honestly plays with it more than any other toy. It comes with: 2 bowls, a boiling pot with lid, 2 utensils, 3 pasta packs, pasta sauce, Parmesan cheese, 1 set of lasagna, spaghetti and butterfly pasta. She loves pretending to prepare it for dinner and giving it to her toys or parents to ‘eat.’ It’s so cute, colourful and fun. It came from ALDI, so I cannot link it, but I’m sure if you Google wooden pasta sets, you’ll find some great alternatives! As an Italian, I love seeing Abigail so passionate about pasta making!

2.) Kmart’s Wooden Cake Set 

Abi has had this wooden cake set since last year and she still loves playing with it. It comes with six pieces of cake (connected by Velcro), six removable candles, a cake server and serving platter. She’s recently learned the concept of birthdays and loves singing ‘Happy Birthday’ whilst she pretends to blow out the candles and hand out slices. It’s really cute. Such a simple toy that invites plenty of imaginative play. You can order one here.

3.) Jadrem’s Wooden Mixer Set 

Abi also received this for her birthday. She absolutely loves it. It comes with an adjustable mixer with rotating whisk, flour, sugar, a milk jug, bowl, 2 half eggs and a plate with iced cookies. She enjoys pretending to bake the cookies and then feeding them to her baby doll. These types of toys are an excellent way to get a child interested in cooking. You can order one here.

4.) Melissa & Doug’s Dust, Sweep and Mop Set. 

I have seen so many mummy bloggers/content-creators rave about this toy online. It seemed such a big hit among toddlers, that I decided to purchase it for Abigail. I definitely understand the hype now. This six-piece play set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean! It comes with a colourful broom, mop, duster, dust pan, and hand brush that are comfortable to use and easy to store. Whenever Abigail sees me sweeping now, she pulls out her own broom and dust pan to help out. It’s made her very excited and curious about cleaning. Highly recommend! Check it out here.

5.) Kmart’s Large Wooden Kitchen Play Set 

If you get your child only one item from this blog post, let it be this. Abigail received this as a gift from her grandmother and it’s been such a massive hit. It includes a fridge, freezer with chalkboard, dishwasher, oven, stove, sink, microwave and hanging wooden spoon and spatula. My husband assembled the entire thing and according to him, it’s very easy to put together but time consuming – so just be wary of that. It encourages independent play and a sense of maturity. I know Abigail feels very grown up running her own kitchen. I love watching her interact with all the different components. You can find this particular type here.

6.) Kmart’s Wooden Pizza Set

This is another toy Abi has had for a while now and still gets so much use out of. It comes with 1 cardboard pizza delivery box, 4 pizza base slices (connected by Velcro), 1 pizza cutter, 4 triangles of felt pizza sauce, 2 cheese slices, 2 onion slices, 2 mushroom slices, 2 capsicum slices and 2 pepperoni slices. It’s so colourful and fun to play with. I like requesting specific orders from Abigail. For example, I will ask for a slice with just mushroom and cheese and she puts it together for me. You can order one here.

Thank you so much for reading. Please continue sharing your own child’s favourite wooden toys and brands. I love adding them to her collection as she develops. 

Peace & Love xoxo 

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