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Today I am back to discuss my favourite topic: RuPaul’s Drag Race! I found this tag from another blogger. You can view their responses here. I may have added an extra question at the end. Also, before I begin, I need to thank a wonderful artist on Instagram that let me use his artwork for this post. Check out @kelendersart! He is incredibly talented. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) What is your favourite season?

I actually wrote a blog post ranking all of the Drag Race seasons, which you can check out here. Since then, I have re-watched all of the seasons and my answers have changed slightly. I still love Season 3 but and are now tied for first place. The challenges, dramatic moments and calibre of queens are what made them both so iconic. How can you compare to Bob the Drag Queen, Jinkx Monsoon, Detox, Chi Chi Devayne, Kim Chi, Alaska, Alyssa Edwards, Naomi Smalls, Thorgy Thor and more?

In regard to All Stars, Season 2 will always and forever be the best. Four simple words: Read U, Wrote U. 

2.) What is your favourite RuPaul song?  

RuPaul has released so many fantastic hits, but my number one favourite will always be: Sissy That Walk. It is uplifting, catchy, full of sass and an instant mood-booster! 

3.) Who is your favourite Drag Queen? 

I wrote a blog post about this topic as well. You can check that out here. My absolute favourite, professional drag queen of all time is Manila Luzon. I was meant to go to her meet and greet at Drag Con last year but alas, the pandemic made that impossible. Hailing from the Philippines, Manila is a campy, funny queen that loves to pull wacky faces and create outside-the-box fashion designs. She was a runner up on Season 3 and returned in All Stars 1 & 4 as a fierce contender. I adore her.

I also die-hard love Aiden Zhane. She’s my guilty pleasure favourite. I’m a horror lover and Aiden is Drag Race’s resident spooky queen. I had to mention her! Not only did she send me a birthday message on Cameo, I also bought some of her merch. 

4.) What is your favourite Maxi Challenge? 

I will never get tired of Snatch Game. I look forward to it every single season. Even the non-English spin-offs are enjoyable to me. I love seeing who is impersonating whom and watching RuPaul laugh his head off. The best parts are the cringy moments where none of the jokes land and it’s so awkward. The runner up to this question is the design challenges, where the queens have to turn trash into high-fashion outfits. 

5.) Have you seen any Ru-Girls live?  

YES! Right before Covid-19 hit, I was lucky enough to go to Werq The World. I got to see Sharon Needles, Detox, Plastique Tiara, Aquaria, Monet X Change, Kim Chi and Violet Chachki perform live. It was such an amazing evening. The highlight was Violet’s aerial performance. It was like watching Cirque du Soleil! 

6.) Who is your favourite Drag Race winner?  

I sound like a broken record, but I also did a blog post on this topic. You can check out my rankings here. Since my second re-watch, absolutely nothing has changed. Bianca Del Rio is still my favourite, most deserving winner. She is one of the only queens to make it through the entire competition without needing to lip sync for her life or place in the bottom three. Bianca can act, design, perform comedy, engage in improv, style, impersonate, beat a mug (lingo for talented at makeup) and mentor. Not to mention she is beyond hilarious. She has gone on to star in television shows, films and written a book. Whilst her sharp tongue can land her in trouble sometimes, Bianca has a heart of gold. 

7.) Who is the most robbed Drag Queen?  

Prepare for a rant! There is no queen in the herstory of Drag Race that was more robbed than Shangela. In All Stars 3, Shangela was the front-runner (after BenDeLaCreme had eliminated herself). She had won the most challenges, shown the most improvement and was exuding a winner’s attitude. For the first and only time in All Stars, the former contestants were asked to vote on which two finalists should lip-sync for the crown. It became a popularity contest and only Thorgy Thor (bless her) voted for Shangela to advance. It was just plain wrong. Since then, Michelle Visage has come forward expressing how badly she felt for Shangela. It’s no surprise that rule was never enforced again. I love Trixie Mattel but if things had been fair, Shangela would’ve been our winner.

8.) What is the best fight on RuPaul’s Drag Race?  

It’s hard to pick because there are so many good ones, but I’m going to have to go with Mimi Imfurst vs. everybody else on All Stars 1 Untucked. I love the involvement from the various iconic queens. From Tammie Brown’s random outburst, to Manila’s wtf reaction, to Yara’s shady comment to Chad’s facial expressions…it’s priceless. Watch the parody below and see what I mean.

9.) What is the biggest shock on RuPaul’s Drag Race?  

The biggest shock on RuPaul’s Drag Race, in my opinion, was when Willam was disqualified. In Season 4, this cocky and confident queen was eliminated by RuPaul (after vomiting backstage) for breaking the rules. She had been having conjugal visits with her husband in the hotel near the set, which is a big no-no. Contestants are to have zero contact with the outside world during filming. Since then, Willam has spoken out against the show on their unfair practices and procedures. 

10.) What is the most underrated runway look?  

Detox’s latex look on All Stars 2. Period!!! Go to 0.30 on the video to get a proper look at this masterpiece.

11.) What is your favourite lip-sync?  

And speaking of Detox, no lip-sync will ever be more iconic than the one between her and Jinkx Monsoon. It’s mesmerising!

12.) Which Snatch Game performance is your favourite?  

Last but certainly not least, I watched every single Snatch Game on YouTube prior to writing this post to see which one made me laugh the most. I had to go with Chad Michaels as Cher. From the wig changes to the voice to the sassy quips, it’s easy to see how iconic this performance is and why it secured Chad a much deserved win. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you thought and please share your own answers down below! I definitely want to keep bringing the Drag Race content. Once again, a big thank you to @kelendersart for his excellent artwork. 

Peace & Love xoxo

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