A Vegan Treats Haul/Taste Test From Kind to Earth!

Hi all!

Today I am coming at you with a very exciting post! Recently, I teamed up with Kind To Earth to share a vegan haul/taste-test full of delicious treats. Kind To Earth are an Australian online, plant-based supermarket with extremely affordable goods and essentials. They are currently shipping Australia wide for a flat rate of $9.95. Orders over $70 receive free shipping. They generously sent me a box of goodies with a coupon code for my Aussie subscribers. Some of the items were a surprise, others I selected myself. You can use the code: BOOKISH at checkout to receive a 10% discount off of your total order. I want to give Kind To Earth a big thank you for being so friendly, professional and fantastic. I loved working with them. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Nestle – Vegan Kit Kat 

Nestle has finally released a vegan Kit Kat and it is absolutely glorious! This iconic chocolate bar is made with a crisp wafer and blended with a rice-based milk alternative. Honestly, it tastes exactly like a regular Kit Kat. I love the packaging as well. It is 41.5 grams of goodness. I was really lucky to receive a packet as Kind To Earth had limited stock and sold out really quickly. You can order a bar here.

2.) Yum Earth – Organic Fruit Chews 

These were a surprise treat from Kind To Earth. To be perfectly truthful, I’m not as big a fan of candy. I tried one and it tasted just like a Starburst. My husband devoured the entire packet and out of the four flavours, he said the lemon and cherry were the best. These chewy sweets are organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, nut-free and devoid of any high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes. You can pick up a packet here.

3.) Pat and Sticks – Oat Milk, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Ice Cream Sandwich

I love me an ice cream sandwich. Even in winter (which it is here in Australia) I cannot go past a treat like this. The Pat and Sticks brand are new to Kind To Earth. They are currently selling the Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Caramel Pecan and Double Chocolate flavours. I went with the basic vanilla and there was nothing basic about it! The oat milk filling is light and tasty and the chocolate chip cookie base is soft and chewy. I cannot wait to sample the rest of the range! You can order one here.

4.) Fabulous Freeform Factory – F&F’s Chocolate and Candy Coated Peanuts 

This is another treat my husband demolished! Just like M&M’s, the F&F’s are chocolate-coated, roasted peanuts in fun shades. They are gluten-free, dairy-free and contain no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. I wasn’t as big a fan of them as Francis but they were still yummy. I would happily serve them at a party. I think they would be a huge hit! You can order a packet here.

5.) Vego – Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts 

I have been a big fan of the Vego range since their inception. Kind To Earth popped these into my box as a surprise and I’m so glad they did. There was a generous amount of chocolate buttons that I could snack on as I went about my day. You can use these for baking or making a delicious, rich hot chocolate. They are gluten-free, organic, dairy-free, palm-oil free, fair trade and certified organic. You can order a pack here.

6.) Serious Popcorn – Dark Chocolate Drizzle 

This was without a doubt, my favourite item in the box. From this point forward, all popcorn will taste inferior to this one. I loved the combination of sweet and salty. Straight from New Zealand, this product is non-gmo, wholegrain, gluten-free and made with organic coconut oil. If you try only one thing from this post, let it be this. You can order a bag here.

7.) The Green Lion – Chocolate Pastizzis 

I wasn’t sure this combination would work. After all, I love my pastizzis savoury. I’ve already tried the vegan spinach and ‘ricotta’ flavour from The Green Lion, so I was apprehensive about a chocolate version. I don’t know why I was nervous. This was such a winning mix! Delicious puff pastry and gooey chocolate? What more could you ask for? YUM! You can check them out here.

8.) The Green Lion – Sticky Date Pudding 

Also, from The Green Lion, I was sent their Sticky Date Pudding. You get such a generous serving for $8.95. You simply heat it up in the microwave and serve. It comes with a deliciously hot caramel sauce on top. I loved the taste. It was very rich and definitely should be shared with somebody else. You can order one here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to use my coupon code: BOOKISH at checkout for a 10% discount! Thank you once again Kind To Earth for being such an incredible company. I couldn’t recommend them enough. 

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. I’m in the uk and a few months ago there was chaos in the vegan community about this Kit Kat….and I’ve never once found it! I’m so jealous 😂 Vego chocolate is very popular here though and I love it!

    1. I agree they are problematic but if they release vegan options it’s worth supporting otherwise they will just go back to keeping their entire range non vegan. It’s tough though I understand

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