My Top 5 Favourite Deaths From The Final Destination Franchise!

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Last week, I professed my die-hard love for the Final Destination franchise and ranked the films from best to worst. You can check that out here. Today, as promised, I will be sharing with you my top 5 favourite deaths from the movies. As you know, some of them are downright ridiculous and others, absolutely terrifying. My list contains a mixture of both. Also, if you’re wondering where I got my fabulous Flight 180 t-shirt, I’ll link it here. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Billy Hitchcock – Final Destination

I love this death because it’s completely unexpected. In this scene, Carter drives around recklessly in an attempt to rebel against death. He maneuvers the car onto the railway tracks and waits for an incoming train; with his friends Alex, Clear and Billy still inside. Everybody gets out whilst Carter remains, convinced nothing is going to happen to him. However, as the train gets closer, Carter realises the car won’t start and attempts to open the door just as death locks it. At this point, viewers are certain it’s his time to go. However, Alex saves him just in time from the train. As the carriages hurtle past, Billy begins screaming at Carter that he will be the next to die. All of a sudden, a piece of scrap metal from the tracks sails through the air and decapitates Billy. It’s brilliant and such a great scene you won’t see coming!

2.) Rory Peters – Final Destination 2

Rory Peters has the most unrealistic and crazy death in Final Destination 2. It’s definitely worthy of this list. In this scene, he’s standing in an open field, discussing how he thinks he’s going to die with Kimberley. At the same time, a trail of gas is spreading towards a news van. When a lit cigarette hits the gas, the van explodes and hurls a wired fence towards Rory. The wires slices through his body, cutting him into three pieces. It’s a quick death but a memorable one!

3.) Ashlyn Halperin & Ashley Freund – Final Destination 3

This might just be the most memorable death in the entire franchise. It actually had a positive effect on viewers because it put a lot of people off going to tanning beds – which we all know are bad for you. In this scene, spoiled teens Ashlyn and Ashley go to a salon and lie in tanning beds next to one another. Can I just say, I love that Love Rollercoaster is playing in this scene? Unbeknownst to them, their Slushee stars to leak onto the electrical system, causing the heat to rise. By the time they realise something is wrong, a panel of wood is wedged between the two beds, making it impossible to escape. The temperature continues to increase until the glass inside shatters and they are burnt alive. Brutal but oh so good!

4.) Erin Ulmer – Final Destination 3

Ouch! Poor Erin Ulmer. This is another Final Destination 3 favourite of mine. In this scene, Wendy and Kevin rush to the hardware store to warn Ian and Erin that they are next. As they are talking, Ian accidentally causes a box to fall off a shelf and onto the forklift’s gear shift. The forklift slowly begins to follow them and impales a larger shelf, which results in a hammer falling and hitting the controls. The forklift rises and puts pressure against a set of ladders, causing them to snap and knock down several planks of wood. Wendy pushes Ian out of the way but the plank flies through the air, puncturing a bag of sawdust that gets in Erin’s eyes. She stumbles backwards against a nail gun that activates, shooting her multiple times through the skull. What’s great about this death, is how it keeps the viewer guessing as to what dangerous implement in the hardware store is going to be the killer. I didn’t think it would be the nail gun!

5.) Hunt Wynorski – Final Destination 4

If you read my post last week, you would remember that I said there was only one death in Final Destination 4 that made this movie slightly good. Well, it’s this one. It’s truly terrifying because it involves not only drowning, but being sucked through a pipe. In this scene, Hunt dives into the pool to retrieve his lucky coin. What he doesn’t realise, is that death uses a water gun to activate the control box, causing the water to drain. Hunt begins being sucked by the pipe. Unable to move underwater and screaming for help, he has his organs completely sucked out through his anus, which are then shot out from a poolside pump, along with his lucky coin. I saw this film at the cinema and this death has stayed with me.

As you can see, I didn’t pick any from Final Destination 5 but if I did, it would be Candice Hooper’s. What did you think of my list? Share your top 5 favourites down below. Stay tuned for more horror content every single Thursday! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I missed that truly horrifying sounding death because I tried watching FD4 at home: it was so bad, I gave up. I agree with most of these – I’d say all the deaths from the first film are pretty amazing. I also thought Tim Carpenter in FD2 (crushed under a sheet of glass after finishing a VERY stressful dentist appointment) was, wow!

    1. Haha just watch the clip of that death and that’s all you need from FD4 🤣. I also like that death! The first time I watched it I was cringing so bad because I hate anything to do with teeth but it turns out the dentist had nothing to do with it!

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