How We Toilet Trained Our Toddler In A Few Days (Masterfoods Product Review!)

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I’m back with another product review from Social Soup. You can check out my other ones here. In keeping with the usual theme, I want to give you my honest thoughts about the item and then have a quick discussion about a random topic. I will briefly share my experience, toilet training my daughter, in the hopes that it helps other parents new to this challenging milestone. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

I was given the opportunity to review the new Ready In 15 Minutes – Recipe Base range from MasterFoodsUnfortunately, there is only one vegan-friendly option: the Vegetable Ratatouille, but it’s better than nothing. The ingredients are minimal and the quantity serves up to 4 people. There was also a basic recipe on the back of the packet for a hearty vegetable stew. Despite the short cooking time, it will taste like it’s been slow cooked for hours. The sauce is so versatile and works well with Mediterranean style dishes. You can learn more here. It was really delicious. There was so much flavour. I sampled it and instantly thought of stirring it through pasta. Highly recommend checking it out. It’s so affordable and great for a low-maintenance evening.

Now onto the discussion topic. Recently, my husband and I toilet-trained our daughter. Just for reference, she is almost 3 1/2 years old. We were expecting it to be difficult, and it was, but it didn’t take as long as we thought. Basically, we got to the stage where we had to remove nappies altogether (aside from sleep time) because she was too dependent on them. One morning, we told her no more pull-ups, just undies. I recommend buying a lot of underwear and socks in the beginning, because there will be accidents. Whenever she sat on the toilet, we would let her know that if she did something, we would reward her with a sticker and star on her chart. With enough stars, she would get a toy as a treat. The first couple of days were a nightmare. She threw tantrums and had several accidents, but by day three, she started going to the toilet. Once she saw how much of a fuss we made at her successes and the stickers she could receive, things started to flow (pardon the pun). It can feel so daunting at the start, but once you change the game, kids adapt quickly. Be persistent and have some sort of incentive to get them there faster. Also, try not to feel pressured to toilet train. I did and although I’m glad we did it, I wish I had relaxed a bit more. Everybody gets there in their own time.

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