The 5 Best Horror Remakes!

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Today I’m back with another spooky post! It isn’t often that a remake is better than the original. A lot of the time, we prefer the classics and defend them with our whole heart. I want to share 5 horror movies I believe are superior to their predecessors. This is going to be highly controversial and I expect a bit of backlash. Just know, these are my opinions and nothing more. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) IT

I don’t think I need to say too much here. IT is my favourite horror movie of all time (both parts combined) and whilst I LOVE the original, I feel the remake did it better. For one, I prefer Bill as Pennywise – sorry Tim! His version is considerably more terrifying, whereas in the former film, Pennywise is portrayed as a a slapstick, traditional clown. Secondly, Part 1 and Part 2 captures a lot of Stephen King’s novel and takes the time to flesh out the characters – which brings me to my third point. The casting. IT has the best cast I’ve ever seen. The kids and adults complimented each other perfectly. They even looked like one another! Finally, the filming is very reminiscent of Stranger Things. We see so many beautiful location shots of Derry, Maine that the 1990 mini series didn’t show. For me, it’s a clear winner.

2.) House Of Wax

I have seen the original House of Wax with Vincent Price, but it wasn’t as exciting or fun as the 2000’s remake. To be fair, I’m not a massive fan of the new movie, but if I had to pick, it would win. The modern re-telling was able to push boundaries that the 1953 film obviously couldn’t. There is blood, gore and of course, Paris Hilton’s epic death. It’s the perfect slasher flick to watch at a sleepover. Also, it has a great soundtrack that will give you so much nostalgia. I still recommend seeing the earlier version. It’s good to observe classic cinema from different eras.

3.) The Invisible Man 

I will be perfectly honest here. I haven’t watched the original film, but I know for a fact that the remake is better. It’s on my top 20 favourite horror movies list. Firstly, it’s directed by Leigh Whannell. I don’t need to say more, just read this post. Secondly, it’s insanely gripping. I saw it at the cinema and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The acting, suspense and twists/turns were enough to make it a clear winner. I’ve seen little clips of the 1933 version, and whilst it looks great for its time, it doesn’t hold a candle to the 2020 reboot. Tell me you agree!

4.) Thirteen Ghosts 

Similar to The Invisible Man, I haven’t seen the original Thirteen Ghosts, but I know with all my heart I would prefer the remake anyway. When I first saw this film, I was a young teen and it scared the ever-living daylights out of me. I recently re-watched it and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It’s so much fun. The modern house, with the moving panels and glass walls made such an interesting setting. The ghosts themselves still hold up today as truly terrifying. Also, it always freaked me out that unless you wear the special glasses, you cannot see them coming. Would you rather be able to witness these bloody spirits or hope you don’t run into them by accident? Finally, Tony Shaloub is an awesome actor and I love him in this role. For reference, the earlier version was released in 1960 as a black and white movie. Some of the stills look creepy, but I prefer the reboot.

5.) Rob Zombie’s Halloween 

This is where I lose all of my followers. I actually prefer Rob Zombie’s Halloween over the 2018 remake. I actually haven’t seen the original film from 1978, but I have watched the newer one and in my opinion, Rob did it better. There’s more heart and grit. We see Michael Myers as a child, hear him speak and get a sense of how he became such an infamous serial killer. We learn about his love of masks and shoddy upbringing. My biggest issue with the Halloween franchise in general, is the lack of personality from the villain. It’s an unpopular opinion, but I like my antagonists to converse, not just kill for killing’s sake. Also, Rob Zombie is one of my favourite horror directors, so I am biased towards the movies he makes.

Thank you for reading! Did you agree or disagree with my list? What are some of your favourite horror remakes?

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