My 5 Favourite Foreign Horror Movies!

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Today I am going to share with you my 5 favourite foreign horror movies! I classify these as spooky films that require subtitles, as they are outside of the English language. In my opinion, the choices below are quite underrated. I hope my recommendations inspire you to check some of these out. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Train To Busan  

Train to Busan is hands down my favourite zombie movie of all time. I am not typically a fan of this sub-genre. I believe it’s been done to death (pardon the pun) and no longer original. However, this South Korean horror breathed new life into a story about the undead and elevated it to the highest degree. It follows a selfish father, Seok-Woo, and his estranged daughter, Su-An, as they board a train to visit her mother in Busan. Unbeknownst to the passengers, a zombie outbreak suddenly emerges and an infected person crawls on before it leaves the platform. It isn’t long before Seok-Woo, Su-An and a group of commuters band together to survive the journey ahead of them. The majority of this film takes place on the bullet train. You would think a singular location would become stagnant but each carriage brings fresh challenges and monsters to overcome. I loved the way the zombies moved and how they were unable to see whenever the train went through a tunnel. There was so much suspense watching the survivors run through the carriages, knowing at any moment, the darkness would end. The acting was top-tier and I literally sobbed at the end. You will be hit right in the feels. If you only watch one movie on this list, let it be this one.

2.) Veronica

Veronica is a Spanish supernatural horror film that was loosely based on true events. It follows a girl who attempts to contact the spirit of her late father with a Ouija board, during a solar eclipse. When she accidentally spills her blood in the summoning, Veronica passes out but not before hearing a demonic scream. She wakes up in the hospital and is told she fainted from an iron deficiency. As the days pass, she begins to see, hear and feel evil around her, proving that a malevolent entity came through. It’s a classic possession story with an excellent twist and some downright terrifying moments. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The way it was filmed in 90’s Madrid, gave it a stiflingly hot and oppressive vibe. I highly recommend it.

3.) Gonjiam Haunted Asylum 

Let’s talk about Gonjiam Haunted Asylum, as it is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in 2022 thus far. Sarah Hawkinson, from Possessed By Horror, has been recommending this film on her YouTube channel since she saw it in 2021. Like myself, Sarah is a woman in her 30’s who loves horror but finds herself very desensitised to being scared. When she declared that this Korean found-footage movie was the scariest thing she had ever seen, I knew a.) that that was saying something and b.) I had to see it for myself. To my delight, I agreed with her review 100%. It follows Ha-Joon, the creator of the YouTube channel, Horror Times. He gathers a bunch of teenagers together to investigate and film their experiences in the notorious Gonjiam Haunted Asylum, in the hopes of gaining views and further online success. As you can imagine, what starts out as an exciting project, turns deadly when the gang realise they never should have crossed the threshold. I loved everything about this movie. The pacing, the scares, the acting, the filming and most of all, the setting. The asylum itself was downright chilling. I was legitimately freaked out. You need to watch it if you haven’t already. It’s a 5/5 stars for me.

4.) Let The Right One In 

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this Swedish horror movie? It was released in 2008 but set in the early 1980’s. It follows a boy, Oskar, who is relentlessly bullied at school by a bunch of boys. One evening, he meets a pale girl by the name of Eli, who teaches him to stand up for himself. Over time, they form a strong bond that develops into romantic feelings, but there is something strange about Eli. She must consume blood and avoid daylight at all costs. She is indeed, a vampire. This is less of a scary film and more of a love story, with horror elements. There are some scenes that churned my stomach but overall, it was quite heartwarming. I loved the dynamic between Eli and Oskar. I also enjoyed watching the underdog come out on top. If you hate the bullies, never fear, they get what’s coming to them! It’s such a feel good foreign classic, I had to add it to this list.

5.) Sabrina 

Last but certainly not least, we have Sabrina. This is an Indonesian horror movie featuring the creepiest doll I’ve ever seen. Google her and you’ll see why! You all know by now that I love haunted doll movies. I did a blog post on my top 5 favourites here. This one just missed out but it’s still worthy of a watch. It follows a toy manufacturer and his wife, who are terrorised by a demon after their orphaned niece tries to summon her late mother’s spirit, using a strange ritual. It has some great visual effects and jump scares. Not to mention, the doll itself is so disturbing in appearance, it will make you uneasy the entire way through. Check it out!

 I hope you like this post! Did you agree with my list? What is your favourite foreign horror movie? Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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  1. Wow, they all sound unsettling, I shall not be watching them, haha. The only one I’ve heard of is Let the Right One In, I didn’t realise it had the bullying and romantic elements. My stomach is churning just from reading your post, haha. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😀

  2. Well HELLO! Long time – no see! I followed your blog years ago when I was blogging on Blogger but now I’m on a new platform and would love to connect again. If you swing by my place and put your URL in comments I will add you to my new blogroll. I’m now located over at – I enjoyed your list today and will have to check the ones I haven’t seen out soon!

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