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Today I am back with a very exciting post! You all know by now that I love drag and it’s no secret, horror is my life. Combine the two and what do you get? Dragula! I watched the first season on YouTube a year ago, but couldn’t find the rest of them, so I gave up. Recently, I had an urge to binge the entire franchise and I’m so glad I did. After using free trials from Outtv and Shudder, I can confidently announce that I am obsessed with this reality show. Do I love it more than Drag Race? I can’t possibly answer that. They are so wildly different. With the fifth season expected to air later in the year, I wanted to share my rankings (from most favourite to least) of each and every winner. All five of them are so diverse. Obviously, a spoiler alert is in order. Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to Victor Godoi for allowing me to use his excellent artwork in this post. Go check out his page on Instagram! Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Dragula is a reality show competition that seeks to crown the World’s Next Drag Supermonster. Hosted by the iconic Boulet Brothers, drag queens and kings compete in different challenges, with the aim of showcasing three very important tenants: glamour, horror and filth. If they are successful, they move onto the next episode. If they are less than impressive, they must face extermination challenges that test their fears. They are judged on their floor-show performances and how well they understood the assignment. Be warned, this show is very dark, gritty and intense. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but once you let the spooky into your soul, you’ll forever be a fan… 


Saint (formerly St. Lucia) is not only my favourite winner, she’s my favourite Dragula contestant of all time. We first met her on Season 3, where she was unfortunately eliminated second. However, the Boulet Brothers knew she had a lot more to give and brought her back to compete on Resurrection (the All Stars version of Dragula). Talk about a redemption, because she completely wiped the floor with the other queens. Her win automatically secured her a spot on Season 4, to which she made it all the way to the finale. There are so many reasons why I love Saint. There is not one runway look of hers I haven’t gagged over. My favourite was her ghost interpretation on Resurrection. She’s also the drag sister of my beloved Aiden Zhane and the two were in a romantic relationship for five years. Saint is beautiful, captivating and seductive. I am so in love with who she is and what she stands for. Her life story (as told on Resurrection) was truly heartbreaking and it just added another layer of depth to the person she is. I cannot get enough of this sexy creature of the night.


I’m going to be completely honest here and confess that I did not like Dahli in Season 2. They went home early, looked completely different, sounded completely different and didn’t impress me personality-wise. The moment they faced extermination, they basically gave up. So given all of that, you’re probably wondering why they are second on my list. I don’t know what happened between Season 2 and Resurrection but when Dahli returned, they were exceptional and so endearing. Even though Saint won Resurrection, the Boulet Brothers decided to bring Dahli back on Season 4 as well and they slayed the entire competition. By the finale, there was no doubt who deserved to win. I like to pretend the Dahli of Season 2 doesn’t exist because I’m such a fan of who they became after their first appearance. My favourite look of theirs, was their interpretation of glamour in the last episode (pictured below). I love how they didn’t get involved in any of the Season 4 drama and just continued to love and support their sisters throughout the competition. I have no doubt they will do incredible things with their reign and are an excellent spokesperson for living with HIV.


Vander Von Odd was the first queen to win Dragula and it was so well deserved. She was my favourite to take the crown the moment I saw her outfit in the witch challenge. This spooky queen had never performed in drag before entering the competition. She had also referred to herself as a ‘baby queen.’ You never would have known, because the amount of professionalism and confidence she brought to the runway was unmatched. She never landed in the bottom and even voluntarily participated in an extermination to impress the Boulet Brothers. Her floor-show in the finale was RIDICULOUS. In the filth category, she made herself vomit on stage and rolled around in it. It was so nauseating to watch but in Dragula, these kind of risks and shocks are exactly what they are looking for in a winner. Much like Saint, I love all of her looks. She brought a level of polish that the other contestants didn’t. Vander has done so much with her reign since the show aired and continues to represent the brand perfectly.


Landon Cider was the first drag king to take the crown. In case you were wondering, a drag king is the opposite of a drag queen. It’s a woman who dresses up as a man. Landon is an exceptional make-up artist and costume designer. He also had the best run of all the Dragula winners. He never landed in the bottom and secured three challenge wins before taking the crown. He’s super sweet, didn’t get involved in any of the drama and brought a level of professionalism to the stage each and every time. The reason he’s lower on my list is purely because compared to my top three, he didn’t quite match up. Having said that, I loved watching him on his season, learning about his difficult past and gasping during his floor-show performances. He literally ate glass in the finale, with blood dripping down his chin. It was disgusting and incredible. I’m so proud of Landon. 


In last place, we have Biqtch Puddin. I don’t have a lot to say about her. Season 2 was my least favourite installment of Dragula. I was not a huge fan of the overall cast and by the finale, I was actually surprised Biqtch took the crown over Victoria Black (one of my favourite contestants from the franchise). This winner had such a rocky start. She was in the bottom the first couple of episodes, hated by the majority of her fellow competitors and told multiple times she didn’t belong in the competition. As the challenges progressed, she began to shine and slowly became a front-runner. Her biggest strength lay in performance. Whenever she hit the stage, all eyes were on her. I think that gave her the edge in the end. I don’t mean to sound horrible but she was very ‘meh’ for me the entire time. I apologise if you love her!

 Thank you so much for reading! Do you love Dragula? How would you rank the winners? Once again, a big thank you to Victor for allowing me to use his amazing artwork! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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