5 Horror Movies Ranked Low On Rotten Tomatoes That I Enjoyed!

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Today I am back with another horror movie post! Sarah Hawkinson – from PossessedbyHorror – did a video like this on YouTube and I thought it was a great idea. She shared horror movies ranked quite low on Rotten Tomatoes that she actually enjoyed. She also did the opposite and listed highly rated horror films that she didn’t enjoy. Rest assured, I will do that post down the track. If you didn’t know, Rotten Tomatoes is an American film and television review website that scores visual media on its popularity. I want this post to prove that you should always make up your own mind. Our experiences are subjective and just because somebody else didn’t like something, doesn’t mean you will too. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Ouija 

Ouija received a dismal score of 6% out of 100! However, I thought it was a pretty decent horror film. Following the sudden death of her best friend, Debbie, Laine finds an antique Ouija board in Debbie’s room and tries to use it to say goodbye. Instead, she makes contact with a spirit that calls itself DZ. As strange events begin to occur, Laine enlists others to help her determine DZ’s identity and what it wants. Delving deeper, they discover that Debbie’s mysterious death was not unique, and unless they learn how to close the portal they’ve opened, they will suffer the same fate. The main critique I kept seeing was the story wasn’t original or groundbreaking. That is true but sometimes I want to watch a classic, vengeful spirit tale that doesn’t revolutionise cinema. It had some genuinely good scares and an interesting premise. If you want me to rank this franchise, let me know!

2.) Brahms: The Boy II 

If you read this post, you’ll know that The Boy is one of my favourite horror movies of all time. Granted, the sequel wasn’t nearly as good but I don’t agree with the rating of 11% out of 100! It follows a new family that move to the Heelshire residence and discover the creepy, human-like doll named Brahms. I believe it was just as scary as the first film and had some great moments of tension. Katie Holmes did a good job playing an unhinged mother, trying to connect with her son. Not to mention, the scenery in the English countryside was breathtaking. It was the perfect setting for a haunted tale. Critics have deemed this a lazy follow-up and unnecessary. I agree we didn’t need a second movie but it wasn’t that bad. The ending was chilling, memorable and dare I say, hinted at a third?

3.) Queen of the Damned  

I don’t care what anyone says, I love Queen of the Damned! It has one of the best movie soundtracks in history and a very attractive cast. Ok…that sounded shallow, but it’s true! The whole thing is very pleasing to the eye and ear. As somebody who has read the novel by the dearly departed Anne Rice, I do understand why she hated it. It’s absolutely nothing like the book. However, I can appreciate it for what it was, without getting caught up in the differences. It follows Lestat, a centuries old vampire that awakens from the grave to join a rock band as the lead singer. His songs contain secrets of his brethren, which angers the undead and rouses the all powerful Queen of the Damned, who is determined to make him her King. It has a rating of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. A lot of the reviews centre around its cheesiness and terrible acting. Sure, it doesn’t have Academy Award worthy performances but I rate things purely from an enjoyment level and I never get tired of re-watching this film. If you only check out one recommendation on this list, let it be this one.

4.) Countdown

Countdown received a score of 26% and is the highest rated movie in this post. When a nurse downloads an app that claims to predict exactly when a person is going to die, it tells her she only has three days to live. With time ticking away and a figure haunting her, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out. This film reminded me of Final Destination in the sense that when your time is up, it’s up. It’s very unnerving knowing the exact day, minute and second you are going to die. I felt this was captured perfectly. It had a lot of tension, scares and suspense. The characters were interesting and the acting, believable. I don’t understand why it received so much negativity. Also, there is an app based on the movie that you can actually download. I refuse to do it!

5.) The Possession of Hannah Grace  

Last but not least, we have The Possession of Hannah Grace. It has a score of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. I will admit, I don’t die-hard love this movie but I certainly didn’t hate it. A shocking exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the life of a young woman. Months later, morgue worker, Megan Reed, receives a delivery of a disfigured cadaver during the graveyard shift. Locked inside the basement corridors, Megan’s horrifying visions soon lead her to believe that the body is possessed by a demonic force. The best part of this film was the setting. It takes place at a high-tech morgue at night with plenty of potential for jump scares and unsettling scenes. I also liked the way Hannah Grace moved. Yes, the effects were a bit dramatic but they made me squirm. The ending was a bit abrupt but overall, I had a good time. As I said earlier, sometimes I like to watch a horror that isn’t too deep. This is the perfect recommendation if you want to kill some time.

 Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. What are some lower rated films on Rotten Tomatoes that you actually enjoyed? Peace & Love xoxo

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