My Epic Road Trip Across The Country!

Hi all!

I am so excited to share today’s post with you! As you may know, my family and I recently moved from Melbourne to Queensland. I shared all of those details here. Over the course of three days, I drove our car across the country of Australia (April 1st – April 3rd), with plenty of stops along the way. Yes, I went on this road trip completely by myself and it was such an empowering experience. I met my husband, daughter and father-in-law on the final day, as they flew up together. I documented my entire journey (vegan food, sightseeing and more), so without further ado, here are the adventures I went on!


I left Melbourne around 9:00 am and didn’t arrive at my first destination for the night until 6:30 pm. I didn’t realise just how little time I would have to make multiple stops and see certain sights. For this reason, I don’t have as much to show in this post as I had originally planned. By the time I ate lunch, stopped to use the bathroom and refuel, I had limited hours before nightfall. I stopped halfway in a place named Albury. There, I ate at a cafe called The Proprietor and ordered a vegan sweet potato toastie. It was yum. I arrived at my best friend’s house just outside of Canberra in time for a vegan pizza for dinner from Dominos. We had a lovely evening catching up and relaxing on the couch.


I left my best friend’s house at 8 am on the second day and quickly drove through Canberra because I had never seen it before. It was beautiful! My sister had recommended I check out the Arboretum, so I did and it was stunning. I wish I had more time to explore it. I quickly got back on the road and did a 4 hour drive to Newcastle, where I stopped at Vego’s Vegetarian Fast Food for a delicious vegan burger that tasted like a Big Mac from McDonalds. From there, it was another 4 hours to Coffs Harbour, where I spent the night at an apartment near the beach. I was so exhausted by the time I arrived!


My third and final day was my favourite. I loved the drive and was rewarded at the end with my beautiful family and our new home. I started the morning by checking out The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour and stopping in the stunning Noosa Heads for a vegan smoothie from Olakino’s. As I passed New South Wales and into Queensland, I felt the weather become tropical and warm. It was such a rush. Now, I’m here and happy, with the people that matter to me most. If I could give any advice, I would recommend more stops but only if you can spare extra days. If you’re pressed for time, like myself, you just need to prepare for long stints of 4-5 hour drives at a time. Would I do it again? Sure! Just not for a while!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave any comments or questions below. Thanks for reading! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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