Ranking US Drag Race Cast Performances!

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I am back with another Drag Race post! They seem to get a lot of love and I enjoy writing them up. You can check out the full menu here. Today I am going to be ranking all of the cast performances from the US franchise only. To be clear, this does not include songs sung by just RuPaul or any hits from his Vegas Live show (e.g. I Made It, The Mirror & Losing Is The New Winning). I’m also not listing finale songs as they aren’t sung by the cast themselves (e.g. I Hate People by “Willow Pill”). It purely covers performances where the queens wrote and sung their own verses. I definitely want to rank the international franchise tracks and Rusicals, so if you want to see those, let me know down below. My rankings will be ordered from most favourite to least favourite. If I left any out, let me know. Finally, the images in this post were created by an artist on Instagram named UruneuA big thank you to them for allowing me to feature their artwork. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

*Disclaimer: Best verse means this queen out-performed the others. It doesn’t not necessarily mean they sang my favourite lyrics. Worst verse is (in my opinion) my least favourite performer. 

1.) Read U, Wrote U 

Season: All Stars 2

Best Verse: Katya 

Best Lyrics: ‘Lenin in the streets, Dostoevsky in the sheets, baby are you ready for this Cold War?’ (Katya)

Worst Verse: Roxxxy Andrews 

Rating: 10/10

Brief Notes: Nothing will ever top this song! 

2.) Kitty Girl 

Season: All Stars 3

Best Verse: Trixie Mattel 

Best Lyrics: ‘I got bleach in the blonde like Pamela and I’m steppin’ out the box like Shangela’ (Trixie)

Worst Verse: Bebe Zahara Benet 

Rating: 10/10 

Brief Notes: This was taken in one shot. So impressive! 

3.) Queens Everywhere 

Season: 11

Best Verse: Yvie Oddly 

Best Lyrics: ‘I’m Yvie Oddly and oddly enough
My edges stay shredded but these tits are tough
When other girls fake, I just call out their bluff
So glue on those shoes and tighten them tucks’ (Yvie)

Worst Verse: Vanessa “Vanjie” Mateo 

Rating: 10/10

Brief Notes: Incredible cast. Such a catchy song! 

4.) Super Queen 

Season: All Stars 4 

Best Verse: Mo Heart 

Best Lyrics: ‘When she walks in, into the club
Hits the stage, grab the mic, work the crowd-pool
She’s enticing, mesmerizing and she got the whole club raging’ (Mo Heart) 

Worst Verse: Trinity the Tuck 

Rating: 9/10 

Brief Notes: This song has grown on me over time and now it’s in my Top 5. Mo Heart’s voice melts! 

5.) Condragulations 

Season: 13

Best Verse: Elliott with 2 Ts

Best Lyrics: ‘Underdog, that’s what it took
Changing the game, rewrote the book
All you queens better take a look
My name is Elliot, why you shook?’ (Elliott)

Worst Verse: La La Ri 

Rating: 9/10 

Brief Notes: I love an underdog and Elliott killed this performance, cementing her spot in the competition.

6.) American 

Season: 10 

Best Verse: Kameron Michaels 

Best Lyrics: ‘Her name was etched in sorrow, but now it’s blasted in lights
With beauty that can blossom out of dark, cold nights
Her quest to find her brightness through her darkest day
American dreams are built on words we dare not say (Asia O’Hara) 

Worst Verse: Aquaria 

Overall Rating: 8/10 

Brief Notes: Kameron definitely has the best voice and verse but Asia’s lyrics above are poetic and unique. 

7.) Lucky 

Season: 13

Best Verse: Rosè

Best Lyrics: ‘Every single thing about the bitch is right
Magnify the résumé, the font is tight
I can rap? What a gag
Check it, baby, this is drag’ (Rosè)

Worst Verse: Symone 

Overall Rating: 8/10 

Brief Notes: This song was so different to the others, I instantly loved it. Plus, all the pops of colour in the music video had me. 

8.) I’m That Bitch 

Season: 12 

Best Verse: Gigi Goode 

Best Lyrics: ‘Good morning campers (Good morning Miss Goode) I hope you saved room for thirds? G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Gigi Goode
I’m a good girl and I’m gonna bring the fashion to this bad world
If you think that I’m conceited, that’s on you, girl
Mama, I don’t want to fight nobody
I’m just here to win and leave a bitch on read (Gigi Goode)

Worst Verse: Nicky Doll 

Overall Rating: 7/10 

Brief Notes: This performance was so dynamic and had me gagging. Widow’s split jump?! It was so fun seeing Nicki Minaj getting into it. 

9.) Phenomenon

Season: 13 

Best Verse: Denali 

Best Lyrics: ‘Tamisha Iman is coming for you’ (Tamisha Iman)

Worst Verse: Utica 

Overall Rating: 7/10 

Brief Notes: The choreo was a bit basic in this performance but I loved getting to know the girls this way. They did a good job introducing themselves. 

10.) Category Is 


Best Verse: Shea Couleé

Best Lyrics: ‘Let me rock this mic
Leave ’em in my dust like Tina did Ike
I’m sickening, no? And real fierce too
Chicago in the house, girl whatcha gon’ do?
About to shut it down
Come on Mama Ru, bring the queen her crown
I approve this message and all I’m gonna say
Is I’m Shea Couleé and I always’ (Shea Couleé)

Worst Verse: Trinity the Tuck 

Overall Rating: 7/10 

Brief Notes: The queens made this song because on it’s own, it doesn’t have much substance. Also, some of the outfits were questionable. 

11.) This Is Our Country 

Season: All Stars 6 

Best Verse: Ra’Jah O’ Hara 

Best Lyrics: ‘As the queen on the scene, I’ma use my voice
Gotta stand when my people don’t have a choice

Can’t breathe, don’t shoot” running through my brain
Nothing good on the news, this world’s the same
Praying that we can just come together
Stand in love and really shine together’ (Ra’Jah)

Worst Verse: Kylie Sonique Love

Overall Rating: 7/10 

Brief Notes: I’m not usually a fan of country music but this song is super catchy. Just not my favourite for a finale. 

12.) Show Up Queen 

Season: All Stars 6 

Best Verse: Trinity K Bonet 

Best Lyrics: ‘I’ve overcome depression, I’m living in my truth
If it can happen for me, well, it can happen for you
I’ma lead, I’ma fight, I’ma speak up for what’s right
Positivity is fierce when you know your status, right?’ (TKB)

Worst Verse: Pandora Boxx 

Overall Rating: 6/10 

Brief Notes: What is with Pandora’s verse? It is the worst! LOL! 

13.) You Don’t Know Me 

Season: 12

Best Verse: Aiden Zhane 

Best Lyrics: ‘Cute and sick and that’s just the half of it. I’ve got multiple personalities. Just imagine it.’ (Aiden) 

Worst Verse: Dahlia Sin 

Overall Rating: 6/10 

Brief Notes: Of course Aiden is my favourite. That voice! I don’t like that Sherry is still included in the Spotify and YouTube version but her verse was undeniably entertaining. 

14.) I’m In Love 

Season: All Stars 5 

Best Verse: Shea Couleé

Best Lyrics: ‘Taking off my blouse, please fill up my house’ (Jujubee)

Worst Verse: Ongina 

Overall Rating: 6/10 

Brief Notes: India’s verse was definitely shade at Derrick Barry. 

15.) Clapback 

Season: All Stars 5 

Best Verse: Shea Couleé

Best Lyrics: ‘Huh? Where are the jokes?
The joke is that you coming for my girls when you broke’ (Miz Cracker)

Worst Verse: Jujubee 

Overall Rating: 5/10 

Brief Notes: Shea always has the best verse. This was a bit of a ‘meh’ song for a finale though. 

16.) Catwalk 

Season: 14

Best Verse: Lady Camden 

Best Lyrics: ‘Cute, absurd and a touch of ugly
I celebrate life, let’s pour the bubbly
We live in a matrix, I’m the solution
Get lost in my sauce ‘cause it’s all an illusion’ (Willow Pill)

Worst Verse: Bosco 

Overall Rating: 5/10 

Brief Notes: This music video was so awkward and cringy. It didn’t really do it for me unfortunately. I prefer the non-cast version.

17.) Drag Up Your Life 

Season: All Stars 3 

Best Verse: Bebe Zahara Benet 

Best Lyrics: ‘It’s a kind of crappy world and it sucks
There’s bigotry, the GOP, and misplaced tucks
So smear your lipstick on in the shape of a smile
If you hate it, fake it, make it into something less vile’ (Bendelacreme) 

Worst Verse: Kennedy Davenport 

Overall Rating: 5/10 

Brief Notes: Bebe…that’s it! 

18.) Sitting On A Secret 

Season: All Stars 3 

Best Verse: Aja 

Best Lyrics: ‘Let me show you how to level up your puss
In the middle of a kitty cat fight’ (Aja)

Worst Verse: Milk 

Overall Rating: 4/10 

Brief Notes: Yeah…not the best song eliminated queens! Really Milk?

19.) Bad Boy Baby Baby – The Shangru-Las

Season: 14 

Best Verse: Daya Betty 

Best Lyrics: ‘He looks like our uncle, but we can’t say no’ (Daya)

Worst Verse: Bosco 

Overall Rating: 4/10 

Brief Notes: This is slowly growing on me but I didn’t love this style of performance. It was very different. I think I need to sit with it longer, as the season just finished. 

20.) My Baby Is Love – The RuPremes

Season: 14 

Best Verse: Angeria Paris VanMichaels 

Best Lyrics: ‘My baby, he’s the one for me. My baby, he’s the air I breathe.’ (Angie) 

Worst Verse: Lady Camden 

Overall Rating: 4/10 

Brief Notes: Again, I’m still letting these songs sink in. However, I LOVE Angie’s verse so much! 

21.) Don’t Funk It Up 

Season: All Stars 4 

Best Verse: Valentina 

Best Lyrics: ‘I love you so much, mi amor, so much I wanna die
If you were to hurt me, baby, I’m leaving tonight
Eres mi amor y te regalo mi coochie-coo’ (Valentina)

Worst Verse: Gia Gunn 

Overall Rating: 3/10 

Brief Notes: I wish Manila wasn’t so quiet in this song. I’m just not a fan of this track. It’s a regular skip for me. 

22.) Errybody Say Love 

Season: All Stars 4 

Best Verse: Mo Heart 

Best Lyrics: ‘Took some time to love myself, embracing this melanin
And now I thank God for the beauty of my skin
No longer bound by lies and accusations
‘Cause now that I got love, I’m free inside’ (Mo Heart)

Worst Verse: Farrah Moan 

Overall Rating: 3/10 

Brief Notes: If it wasn’t for Mo, I wouldn’t listen to this song at all. Sorry! 

23.) Oh No She Better Don’t

Season: 6

Best Verse: Adore Delano 

Best Lyrics: ‘My name is Bianca, I’m from the deep South. All them bitches can’t handle my sassy ass mouth.’ (Bianca del Rio)

Worst Verse: Milk 

Overall Rating: 2/10 

Brief Notes: This song is so messy! They definitely hadn’t established how to make solid performance numbers yet. I wish it was broken up more. 

24.) He’s My Baby – The RuNettes

Season: 14 

Best Verse: Deja Skye 

Best Lyrics: ‘I just want him to notice me and if he’s doesn’t, I’m going to go insane,’ (Deja Skye) 

Worst Verse: Jasmine Kennedie 

Overall Rating: 2/10 

Brief Notes: The fact that Jorgeous was such a bad singer, they made her talk instead. Ugh! 

25.) Can I Get An Amen? 

Season: 5

Best Verse: Jinkx Monsoon 

Best Lyrics: ‘Don’t let the weight of the world
Flatten your weave –
Just tease it out, turn Adam to Eve.’ (Jinkx) 

Worst Verse: Alyssa Edwards 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Brief Notes: SO BAD! The majority of the singing was off key. I can’t listen to it haha!

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know how you would rank these songs. Did I miss any? Thank you again to Uruneu for lending your talent! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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