5 Ways To Market Yourself As An Author!

Hi all!

Today I want to share five ways to market yourself as an author! As a published writer, I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way and wanted to pass them on to those looking to improve their brand. Just FYI, I’m in no way an expert and still have a lot to learn myself. This is simply what has worked for me so far in my writing journey. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Create official author pages on different social media platforms

Let the world of social media know you’re an author by creating official pages on various platforms with your name and bio highlighting who you are and your work. You could create your own Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter page, YouTube channel and more. You could even set up your own website (as I have with this blog) for others to navigate. Establish a solid brand and keep it consistent. Linktree is a great way to consolidate all of your accounts in one place for easy access. You want people to be able to find you and your books without difficulty. 

2.) Read, review and support other indie authors 

You cannot expect to be a successful indie author without supporting and promoting other indie authors. Read their work, review it and share your thoughts on social media. Build a network and you may find more opportunities coming your way. For example, you may be invited to take part in an anthology with other writers. You might co-write a story. Better yet, followers of their work will find you through them and vice-versa. There is so much to be gained from connecting with fellow authors. Plus, reading will strengthen your own writing in general.

3.) Post regularly about your work 

My publisher and good friend/fellow author: Caleb Ortega, gave me some valuable advice when I was first promoting The Devil Within MeHe told me that every 8th post or story I make on Instagram, should be about my books or the fact that I’m an author. It reminds your followers that you have work worth reading and purchasing. It lets them know that you are not just on social media for fun. You are running a business and maintaining a personal brand. If you wish to remain relevant, you need to post consistently.

4.) Send free ARCs to your followers

When starting out as an indie author, you may need to spend money before you can make money. Find a team online of reliable ARC readers and gift them a free copy of your work so they can read, review and promote it in advance. I sent about 40 of my followers a free PDF of The Devil Within Me. It helped me a lot in the early stages and I was given plenty of valuable feedback. They also helped spread the word and created interest/excitement about the novella’s publication date. If you give a little, you’ll get a lot back. It doesn’t paint you in a favourable way if you expect ARC readers to pay for access to your stories.

5.) Speak to your local library about your work 

Local libraries are amazing. Do not underestimate how agreeable they would be to promote you as a local author, share your book on their shelves and perhaps even organise a writer’s event for you. Before I moved to Queensland, my local library in Melbourne shared a poster of my debut novel: Astrology Pond and highlighted my name as a writer in their region. It’s definitely worth asking them. All they can say is no!

Thank you so much for reading! Please leave any tips or tricks you’ve learned yourself down below. All the best in your writing journey! 

Peace & Love xoxo 

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  1. Really like your tips on marketing yourself as an author, especially the sharing your work point. It’s a reminder to believe in your work and yourself. Also I feel there are different ways to use social media: like you can have a private one, but when you are promoting your work or brand on a social media platform, then I think that space shouldn’t be just a highlight reel of achievements but more about sharing your content, truth and beliefs. Hope you are well my friend ❤

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