What I’ve Learnt In Four Years As A First Time Parent…

Hi all!

Our daughter has officially turned 4! I truly cannot believe it! In keeping with tradition, I am going to share everything I have learnt in four years as a first time parent. If you would like to see my past Parenting Reflections, click on the heading. These last 365 days have been so momentous. I feel like I’ve grown the most as a mother between the ages of three to four. Mainly because we moved from Victoria to Queensland (more information here), which saw a huge leap in milestones, development and maturity. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Moving house at anytime is stressful. Moving interstate with a toddler, is something else entirely. We were prepared for the worst and whilst there were teething issues in the beginning, Abigail really surprised and impressed us. She was able to adapt quite easily. I know our families had concerns that she would struggle with such a massive change but honestly, none of us gave her enough credit. We’ve only been here a few months and she’s already made plenty of friends at daycare, gone to her first birthday party, flown on multiple airplanes and spent more time at the beach than she ever did back in Melbourne. Our new home has a huge backyard with ample space for her to run around, ride her bike and jump on the trampoline. In this tropical climate, she’s free to spend hours outdoors, barefoot and wild. We love to see it!

Transitions have never been Abigail’s friend. She doesn’t like stopping an activity or leaving a place when she isn’t finished. However, when it came time to put on her big girl pants, she didn’t fuss or fight. When we moved, she was upgraded to a child’s bed, a seat at the table (not a highchair) and a booster for the car. She also finally dropped all naps. It definitely made her feel more grown-up and important. In the beginning, she would wake up at 6am and barge into our room but now she’s learnt to stay in bed and play with her toys until closer to 7. It’s been a lifesaver. Our girl has improved with eating but she’s still fairly fussy. I’m guessing this isn’t going to change for a long time. I now make her lunches when she goes to daycare, so we’ve figured out what she likes packed and what she doesn’t. Nutrition is always a priority but that doesn’t mean she opts for it!

I think Abigail’s biggest developmental leap lies in play and conversation. She knows how to converse properly, ask questions and express her emotions. She will tell me if she is angry, sad or happy. Abigail loves pretend play. It’s fun watching her babble away to her toys, as she puts them in imaginary scenarios. I’m not going to lie, exposure to YouTube Kids has helped in that area but she’s a bright one regardless. I always like to remain transparent when it comes to parenting. The three’s were as challenging as expected. I am glad the tantrums have begun to lessen as we enter the pre-school years. Speaking of, she will be starting Kinder in 2023 and Primary School in 2024. I’m not ready!

As she’s getting older now, I don’t want to touch on toilet training any longer. I want to respect her privacy and not embarrass her. I need to remind myself that she may read these posts someday. In June, we flew back to Melbourne for my sister’s wedding, where Abigail was flower girl (see image below). I was quite emotional seeing her dressed up like a little princess. She did a fantastic job. Once again, I was impressed by her ability to adapt to a different situation. She was completely exhausted by the end of the trip!

Living in Hervey Bay has been a wonderful experience for Abigail. I’m so proud of our daughter. She’s the sweetest, kindest, most strong-willed kid I’ve ever known. We love her with all our hearts. I will be sharing some pictures of her 4th birthday celebration next week. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading! Peace & Love xoxo

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