The 5 Best Found Footage Horror Films!

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I know I’ve said in the past that the found footage genre wasn’t my thing but I think I’m starting to eat my words. I have to confess, it’s growing on me. Today I am going to share with you my five favourite movies from that category. If you didn’t know, found footage is a cinematic technique in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings. The events on screen are typically seen through the literal lens of one or more of the characters involved, often accompanied by their real-time, off-camera. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Creep 

You can currently find Creep on Netflix. It follows Aaron, a struggling videographer. One day, he answers a personalised ad that requires him to drive to a house in the countryside and film a stranger wanting to make a movie for his unborn child. He claims to be dying from an inoperable brain tumour and therefore wishes to capture footage of himself, in case he passes away before the birth. At first, things appear relatively normal but as the day progresses, the man’s requests become more bizarre. It isn’t long before Aaron realises he is in danger and needs to get away before it’s too late. As the title suggests, the antagonist is a bonafide creep. The tension and suspense alone make this a worthy feature on my list. Not to mention the ending! I have not seen the sequel. Is it worth checking out?

2.) The Taking of Deborah Logan 

I’ve mentioned this before but I drew inspiration for my horror novella: The Devil Within Me from The Taking of Deborah Logan. Therefore, I had to add it to my list. Set in Virginia, this movie tells the story of a documentary crew making a film on the impact of Alzheimer’s diseaseAn elderly woman named Deborah, offers to be interviewed and monitored over the course of several days. However, she displays more symptoms than just forgetfulness. The students soon realise that demonic forces are also at play. This found footage feature is genuinely scary. Watching her devolve into a paranormal being will get under your skin. I absolutely loved it from start to finish. That cave scene?! Criminally underrated!

3.) Dashcam 

Dashcam is a unique experience. Be warned, this film will not be for everybody. It follows a woman named Annie Hardy, a right-wing internet personality who live streams/raps from her car for views. Frustrated by the COVID-19 restrictions in Los Angeles, she travels to London to reunite with a former bandmate. Annie is extremely obnoxious; firmly against wearing masks and no concept of personal boundaries. One evening, she is given the opportunity to transport a homeless woman in her car for a large sum of money. However, her passenger possesses paranormal abilities and she spends the rest of the night trying to survive. Despite the high-stakes situation, she continues to film the events for her followers. You will get to the end and ask yourself “what did I just watch?” It is a highly chaotic, fast-paced and entertaining wild ride. Even if you can’t stand Annie, you cannot deny she has a magnetic personality that draws you in. Definitely stick around for the credits. It’s a fun time!

4.) Incantation 

Incantation is the newest addition to my list. It came out on Netflix last month and let me tell you, it was terrifying! This Taiwanese horror follows a woman named Ronan, who spent years in a mental hospital, believing she was cursed from an event that happened in her past. Due to her fragile state of mind, she placed her baby in a foster home. Six years later, she is discharged, adopts her daughter and brings her home. However, the minute they are reunited, strange and terrible things begin to happen. Ronan decides to film their experiences together, giving way to plenty of paranormal activity captured on camera. In a series of flashbacks, the viewers get some insight into how the curse initially unfolded. I won’t spoil anything but you will leave feeling disturbed. There are some truly unsettling scenes in this movie. It hits even harder if you’re a parent. I highly recommend it. It was excellent.

5.) The Visit 

Last but certainly not least, I had to mention The Visit, which is my favourite found footage film on this list. The reason I love this movie is because it reminded me very strongly of The Folcroft Ghosts by Darcy Coates. If you want to check out my ranking of her entire works, click here. Becca and Tyler plan a week-long stay at their grandparents’ place, whom they have never met. Little do they know, their visit will be the most terrifying experience of their lives. The kids are definitely the best part of the story. They are sassy, funny and intelligent. Furthermore, the scares are extremely effective. There is a scene where their grandmother is chasing them under the house and I legitimately couldn’t sleep afterwards. The grandchildren use their phones to capture the strange behaviour they encounter during their time away. There is a great twist at the end and plenty of suspense to keep you interested.

Thank you so much for reading! What are some of your favourite found footage movies? Which ones should I add to my list? 

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