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The time has come for me to finally tackle my very first, tier-list post! What better way to start, than to rank the characters from my favourite television show: Lost. Now, I’m not going to list every single character. There are simply far too many. I am only going to cover the main and recurring ones. I have also named the categories myself, which I will explain down below. It is harder to do this kind of thing on a blog vs. a video but I wanted to give it a go. Without further ado, let’s get into it! I’m excited! Spoilers ahead!


Tier Description: These characters are truly ‘the hearts of the island.’ They are God tier. They are the best of the best. We protect them with our lives. 

Characters: a.) Benjamin LinusHe is my favourite television character of all time. I wrote more about why here. Clearly the heart of the island!

b.) Jin-Soo KwonI understand that you have may disliked Jin in the beginning, but if you didn’t love him by the end, I don’t know what to tell you. Jin was precious and his death hurt like nothing else!

c.) Desmond Hume: Desmond was my third favourite character. He had the best story and flashback episodes. He brought everybody together at the end.

d.) Mr. Eko: Despite not being in the show for very long, Mr. Eko had an enormous impact. He delivered my favourite line from any television show (period) – “do not mistake coincidence for fate.” If I ever get another tattoo, it will be that quote. I even named my first car (a Toyota Echo) Mr. Eko!

e.) Juliet Burke: Juliet was my favourite female character. In the beginning, I didn’t know whether to trust her but by the end, I knew she was a good person. Her and Sawyer were without a doubt, the best couple on the show.

f.) Daniel Faraday: The producers of Lost have admitted Faraday was their favourite character. I totally get why! He provided viewers with the most information, was an expert on time-travel and had a heart of gold.

g.) Richard Alpert: Can we all agree Richard was the most mysterious and interesting character? His story was incredible. I loved that he was consistently present throughout the season but never aged.

h.) James Ford “Sawyer”: I feel like Sawyer would be most people’s favourite character. He was dry, quick on his feet and played the comic relief. You couldn’t help but root for this lovable con man. I will admit, his nicknames for the other survivors were pretty politically incorrect but they didn’t let him get away with it.

i.) Hugo “Hurley” Reyes: It isn’t any wonder that Hurley ended up becoming the next Jacob. Out of every single character, he had the best moral compass and was one of the few survivors that considered everybody. He was a cinnamon roll!

k.) Charlie Pace: Oh Charlie, a little piece of me died when he did. I still cry every single time his story comes to an end. He made plenty of mistakes but loved him anyway. Precious!

l.) Penelope Widmore: What can I say? Penny was the sweetest, most patient and loving partner to Desmond. She was his constant!

m.) Rose Nadler: Rose was the voice of reason in the show. She was the Mother Goose. I loved her no-nonsense demeanour and utter conviction that her husband Bernard was still alive on the island somewhere. I personally relate to her. We both trust our intuition and when we know something to be true, we just know it.

n.) Bernard Nadler: I had to include Bernard in this list. The way he adored his wife and still managed to bicker with her was truly a sight to behold. His proposal to her always brings me to tears.


Tier Description: The candidates are worthy contenders. They are great! All of them are fit to rule in Jacob’s place. 

Characters: a.) Jack Shephard: Jack was the main character of Lost. He was the leader and the doctor. I really liked him but I do wish he had believed Locke. Ouch! Talk about a man with many layers.

b.) Miles Straume: Miles was great! I wish he had been in the show from the beginning. We didn’t get enough of him. I loved his deadpan sense of humour.

c.) Sayid Jarrah: Sayid was definitely the most tormented character. However, he was very likable in my opinion. He sacrificed his own life at the end to save his friends. You had to hand it to him!

d.) Walt Lloyd: Walt was the best kid. He was so adaptable and sweet. Not only that, he was very gifted and that made him interesting. It’s a shame he wasn’t on the show longer.

e.) Elizabeth “Libby” Smith: Poor Libby. Her biggest crime was in being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I loved her sweet nature.

f.) Frank Lapidus: The pilot of the show. He was funny, charismatic and full of great one-liners.

g.) Alexandra Rousseau: Alex was so kind and helpful. She was Ben’s adopted daughter and I loved in the flash-sideways that they had such a strong bond. She deserved better and he knew it.

h.) Danielle Rousseau: I didn’t blame Danielle’s mental state. If I had lost everybody I loved on a strange island, I would have suffered too. I liked her a lot and just like her daughter, she deserved better.


Tier Description: The Dharma Initiative are neither here nor there. They are fine. Not much to say. 

Characters: a.) Michael Dawson: Watching Lost before and after becoming a parent does slightly change your feelings towards Michael. I would do anything to get my daughter back but yes, it’s a shame that his actions were so unforgivable. However, I believe he redeemed himself in the end.

b.) John Locke: I could write an entire blog post just about John Locke. He was somebody I really related to for personal reasons. However, he was not my favourite character. I felt like he became too obsessed with the island and didn’t care about anybody else. Having said that, my heart went out to him. He had a terrible life. Understatement!

c.) Kate Austen: Kate was the main female character in Lost but she was not my favourite. I didn’t like the way she used people to get what she wanted. I believe the actress who played her did a great job though. She lands somewhere in between.

d.) Sun Soo-Kwon: Sun was Jin’s wife but was not as beloved by me as he was. She didn’t add as much to the story and I didn’t like some of the decisions she made.

e.) Jacob: Ahhh the almighty Jacob! I didn’t dislike him. He had a very difficult job but I didn’t approve of how he treated Ben in the end. He deserved to get stabbed. Sorry!

f.) Charlotte Lewis: Charlotte was just okay. We didn’t get to see her much but I liked what we saw. She had my dream job!

g.) Christian Shephard: Hear me out! I know Christian wasn’t super likable but he was a fascinating character. I love how much he featured throughout the series.

h.) The Man In Black (“Smoke Monster”): Similar to Christian, The Man in Black was not a good guy but a captivating one. He played such a big part in the show. If you re-watch it, you’ll realise he had been there from the beginning!

i.) Tom Friendly: Unpopular opinion but I didn’t dislike Tom. He was not a terrible person, not a great one.

j.) Leslie Arzt: Famously known for being blown up by dynamite, Leslie had an epic death and made me chuckle when he was alive.


Tier Description: The Others are either unlikable or not worthy of my time. They are the discarded scraps. 

Characters: a.) Ana Lucia Cortez: Whilst I felt sorry for Ana and her backstory, I didn’t like how angry and confrontational she was. She barely smiled in the show. She was too hot-headed and not in a good way.

b.) Shannon Rutherford: Shannon was not a likable person. She was a full-on brat. However, I didn’t hate her and she didn’t live long enough for me to put her in the last category.

c.) Boone Carlyle: Boone was the first to die in Lost. Let’s be real, he was boring. There wasn’t much to him, hence why he was killed off so early.

d.) Mikhail Bakunin: Mikhail was a very clever and deceptive villain. However, he didn’t evoke enough rage in me to be placed in the bottom tier.

e.) Eloise Hawking: You cannot deny that Eloise was an interesting lady but she shot her own son so…

f.) Dogen: Dogen didn’t come into the series until the very last season. We barely got enough time with him. I wish we had been given a backstory.

g.) Pierre Change: Pierre went by many names but you probably remember him as the “instructional video” guy. Once again, we didn’t really get enough to form a deep attachment. I did love his rapport with Miles though.

h.) Naomi Dorrit: I didn’t really care for Naomi. She was just a ‘meh’ character in my opinion.

i.) Paulo Fernandez: Paulo was the lesser of two evils compared to his wife Nikki. He was not a great guy but had more of a soul than her.

j.) Horace Goodspeed: Horace was another character I didn’t really care for. There was nothing wrong with him but my care factor was low.

k.) Illana Verdanksy: This was another character we didn’t see until the end of the series. Like Leslie, she also got blown up by dynamite. I didn’t care much for her but I did like that she said to Ben“I’ll have you.” 

l.): Goodwin Stanhope: He was not a great guy but he was just following orders. I didn’t hate him.


Tier Description: If you’re in the Man From Tallahassee, you have no redeeming features. You are hateful. If you’re a Lost fan, you will understand the reference. 

Characters: a.) Anthony Cooper: We are now onto my most hated character in the entire show. He is The Man From Tallahassee – Anthony Cooper. He had ZERO redeeming features. He was straight up evil and awful.

b.) Martin Keamy: Ugh he was a slime-ball. I hated how ruthless he was with his gun. I didn’t like his face either. He just rubbed me the wrong way.

c.) Nikki Fernandez: Nikki was gross, selfish and heartless.

d.) Charles Widmore: Sound off in the comments, did anybody like Charles Widmore? He was a massive douche!

e.) Claire Littleton: This is my most controversial opinion. She was a main character and one of the good guys but I HATED her. She was so annoying!!!! Her voice, her moodiness, her facial expressions, etc. I did not like Claire.

f.) Ethan Rom: He nearly killed Charlie – enough said!

g.) Roger Linus: Last but not least, we have Ben’s sorry excuse for a father. He was a terrible parent. Not as bad as Anthony Cooper but not far behind him.

Thank you so much for reading! How would you rank the characters from Lost? I definitely want to create more content on this iconic television series.

Peace & Love xoxo

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