Black Resilience Booksta Challenge #19 – Read & Review A Black Poetry Collection

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Today I am back for Day #19 of the Black Resilience Booksta Challenge. I explained all the rules in my first post here. I’m hoping this will inspire other readers to read, review and amplify more black voices. Feel free to join me! You can refer to the template below. You can also check out the dedicated category under the Books & Reading menu of this blog for all the posts that came before this one.

I chose Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans for Day #19 because it is a raw and real poetry collection about a black, queer woman living in America.

I absolutely loved this poetry collection and wish everybody would pick it up. Jasmine writes about important black figures in history, trans women, her relationship with her mother, growing up queer and so much more. I want to share my favourite piece down below. I actually sent it to my mum because it resonated with me. She loved it too. The book is a quick read but one full of emotion. Please check it out!

We Host These Variables 

We try to leverage language as a means to a truth. We learn, on our paths, perhaps, that certain stories have no language, nor require one. There’s something I want to honour here. I want to honour the silent story, the emotions unaccompanied by human language. I want to honour the weight of the stillness. I want to honour the silent ceremony between mother and daughter. A ceremony of blood and becoming. Because, I know, we exist with a heavy and stubborn resemblance. I know the distance between mother and daughter. How we are many burned bridges, as well as, a wealth of brick and clay, ready to be made anew from everything unmade of us. I am learning my mother’s song, staring into her silence, as it stares back at me. Wondering of its depth, and wandering through it. I don’t know all of her pain, or if it can be held with two hands. But she looks back at me, with girlish eyes, wanting to be remembered for something I do not recognise her as. Daughters have questions for their mothers, questions made up of no words; we host these variables. A woman stretched her body for me, and I have no words to describe her in wholeness, but without shame, I want you to know her. My mother. 

If you are interested in getting a copy, you can order it here.

Thank you so much for reading, I will see you next time for Day #20.

Peace & Love xoxo

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