The 5 Best Toys For Sensory Play!

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Today I am going to be sharing five of the best toys for sensory play. My 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves all of the items mentioned below. There are so many benefits to engaging in these types of activities with your children. They help build nerve connections in the brain, encourage problem solving and mindfulness, support language development and more. I also highly recommend them for neurodivergent kids/teens. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1.) Sensory Kits 

Sensory Kits are the absolute best! I actually like playing with them just as much as Abigail. I bought the unicorn one below from Kmart and it was an instant hit. It comes with coloured sand, pom poms, a shovel, circle mold, wooden letters, beads and rubber objects. You can get so creative with these boxes. Smoothing the sand feels like tending a Zen Garden. You can even make your own by adding things you find in nature. For example, you could make a beach-themed kit with shells. They are perfect for a rainy day! If you only take one recommendation from this list, let it be this one.

2.) Poppits

At this stage, we have five different Poppits in the house! They are very popular and come in so many different shapes and sizes. You can also get them as bags, journals, pencil cases etc. My daughter loves sitting next to me in bed and popping them during screen time on the tablet. These types of toys are designed to provide a sensory and tactile experience to help children focus. They also aid with hand dexterity and coordination. Furthermore, they are just fun! I love playing with them too.

3.) Playdough 

I couldn’t create a list like this without mentioning Playdough. It’s a timeless product that is perfect for sensory play. It develops motor skills, encourages creativity, enhances hand-eye coordination and more. My daughter and I like to make doughnuts out of different colours and pretend to cook them in her play kitchen. She has a kit full of stencils, cutting tools, stamps and rollers to mould the dough. I don’t believe Playdough will ever go out of style.

4.) Bath Buckets

If you want a sensory toy for the bathtub, I highly recommend these buckets I bought from Kmart. They come in lots of different colours and designs with holes at the bottom to assist in water transference. It’s a good way to improve fine motor skills and concentration levels. My daughter likes pouring water from one to the other. They are great for making bath time fun!

5.) Rainbow Rice 

Similar to the Sensory Kits, you can purchase packets of Rainbow Rice online and pour them into a container with spoons, cups and figurines for pretend play. There is something so satisfying about letting the rice slip through your fingers. It’s also aesthetically pleasing. I love the look and feel of the grains. Sensory rice play can be beneficial for children in helping them to relax and focus. It’s designed to assist with colour identification and recognition, plus scooping and transferring. There are so many added benefits. Furthermore, you can make it yourself (which is its own fun activity) or buy a bag like I did.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you agree with my list? Please leave additional recommendations down below.

Peace & Love xoxo

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