Ranking The Terrifier Franchise!

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Today I am going to be ranking the Terrifier franchise! If you didn’t know, these movies follow a villain named Art the Clown. He is an agent of Satan that never speaks but says plenty with just one facial expression. Appearing on Halloween, he spends the night massacring as many victims as possible. You may be surprised to learn that there are three films in total, not two. I am not going to count All Hallows Eve 2, as Art is not featured. This series is not for the faint of heart. Prepare yourself for the most brutal, disgusting visuals known to mankind. If you want gore supreme, you’ll get it! Without further ado, here is my ranking/breakdown!


In first place, we have the latest film in the franchise – Terrifier 2. It came out last month and was an instant success! Since its release, it has grossed over 2 million in total at the box office. On HalloweenArt is reanimated, only to discover he has a new sidekick – a little girl dressed exactly like him. Together, they target the daughter of a family who is able to interact with the clown in her dreams. From there, the night turns into a fight for survival. If you thought the first movie was gory, you better prepare yourself for the sequel. There have been multiple reports of patrons fainting or vomiting in the cinema. This is one of the best horrors I’ve watched this year. It was over two hours long but not a second felt wasted. The soundtrack, vibrant visuals and of course, the shocking violence, made this a feature I won’t forget. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish.


In second place, we have All Hallows Eve, which is our very first introduction to Art the Clown. On Halloween night, a brother and sister find a snuff film on tape. They begin watching it until their babysitter realises it’s far too disturbing for young eyes. She sends them to bed but continues viewing the rest. The video is made up of shorts, each featuring our devilish villain. As the clips grow progressively worse, she becomes paranoid that the events on screen aren’t actually fictional. The ending is truly shocking but also the best part. The 9th Circle is expanded on in this film but if you didn’t know, it was an 11-minute short that saw the birth of Art from creator, Damien Leone. You need to check this one out because I believe it’s far better than the original Terrifier.


Speaking of, in last place, we have Terrifier. On October 31st, Art terrorises a couple of girls that taunt him in a cafe. He takes every measure possible to make sure they don’t survive. I love the low budget grittiness of this movie. It definitely makes the scares more effective but if we are being honest, it has no plot or storyline. There is a truly shocking scene with a chainsaw (if you know, you know) that has stayed with me till this very day. It is my least favourite film in the franchise, but I still think it’s an excellent slasher to watch with your pals during spooky season. It really cements how relentless Art is when it comes to picking his targets.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your rankings down below. Do you agree with mine? The creator, Damien Leone, has confirmed that more movies are coming! I’m so excited!

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