The Menu – New Release Horror Film Review!

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Today I am reviewing the new-release, horror film: The Menu. It hit cinemas in Australia last month, allowing me the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen. I’m going to make this spoiler-free, so don’t worry about me spilling the beans. The basic plot follows a young couple who travel to a remote island to dine at an exclusive restaurant. What they don’t know is that the acclaimed chef has some surprises in store on the menu. Without further ado, here are my honest thoughts!

Sidenote: In 2023, I will be reviewing new-release horror movies once a month! 


This film was utterly brilliant. It worked on so many levels and really left a lot to think about. The best part of the The Menu was the concept. It felt like a completely original idea that had never been done before. I really liked how each course was written on the screen. It helped break up the movie, whilst adding a nice artistic touch. It was also hilarious. The characters were so pretentious, you couldn’t help laughing at them. Some have argued that this is more of a dark comedy than a horror. I would say it lies somewhere in the middle. There were some truly shocking moments (especially the ending) that completely took me by surprise. In my opinion, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult stole the show. The tension was palpable the minute the chef appeared on screen, and that feeling continued the entire way through. I liked Anya Taylor-Joy’s acting, but I felt she was outshined by a lot of the cast. They were all so dynamic and fully realised. Furthermore, I appreciated the underlying messages trying to be conveyed. It 100% takes a jab at the wealthy and privileged in society. I was impressed and entertained the entire way through.


My main criticism, similar to my review for Barbarian, was that it went a little bit too long. It could have been condensed and streamlined. Also, there was one scene that felt like it was going to be quite horrific (e.g., when they go outside) but it didn’t go anywhere. Other than that, I had an excellent time. It was quite a journey!


I gave this 4.5/5 stars. It was a near perfect film for me! I highly recommend you see it when you can.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you’ve watched this film. Did you like it?

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