Top 5 Excellent A24 Horror Movies!

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Today I am going to be sharing five excellent A24 horror movies that I highly recommend. If you didn’t know, this American, independent entertainment company has a very experimental and unique style of filmmaking. Their features are definitely not for everybody, but some are absolute standouts. Without further ado, let’s get into the post!

1.) Green Room 

Green Room is a wild, tension-filled ride from start to finish. It follows a punk-rock band trapped in a secluded venue after accidentally finding themselves witnesses to an extreme act of violence. They must survive the night or become the latest victims to a group of white-power skinheads. If you want a high-body count, shocking kills and kickass music, this is the movie for you. I was pleasantly surprised by this film and wanted to recommend it in this post.

2.) Tusk 

I finally watched Tusk this month and it may be one of the strangest things my eyeballs have ever seen. It follows a podcaster named Wallace (played by Justin Long) who interviews people on his show and tells their interesting tales. After a misfortunate setback, Wallace discovers a man eager to share his life story…with a catch. What ensues is an agonisingly torturous, comedic and heart-wrenching series of events. I went through so many emotions with this movie, cycling through horror, laughter and sadness in a short space of time. It was far more disturbing than I could ever have imagined, and I loved it for that. I think everybody should check it out, purely for the entertainment value alone.

3.) Bodies Bodies Bodies 

I had to mention Bodies Bodies Bodies, which was released in August this year. I had so much fun with this film. It follows a group of Gen-Z, young adults that get stuck in a remote mansion during a hurricane. When a fun party game goes terribly wrong, the remaining survivors begin to turn on one another, desperate to identify the mysterious killer. This entire movie is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. If you try to take any of it seriously, you will be disappointed. The characters are supposed to be irritating and unlikable. Moreover, the twist reveal should make perfect sense in the context of the underlying narrative. Go in blind and enjoy it to the fullest.

4.) Lamb

Lamb is another one of those ‘what did I just watch movies.’ It’s truly bizarre. The story follows a couple in rural Iceland, that discover a half-lamb, half-human infant in their barn. Having previously lost their biological child, they rear the strange abomination as one of their own. However, sinister forces are determined to return the creature to the wilderness that birthed her. I didn’t know where to place my emotions with this film. Do I laugh? Do I cry? It was wild! Overall, it stayed with me and deserved a mention in this post.

5.) Midsommar 

Last but CERTAINLY not least, I have to talk about one of my new favourite horror films: Midsommar. I cannot believe it took me until 2022 to finally watch it. It follows a group of college students that travel to Sweden to observe a unique harvest festival. On arrival, they realise the traditions and customs implemented are not only unusual, they are deadly. This movie goes for over two hours and yet, not a second felt wasted. Florence Pugh’s performance was mesmerising. It was a consistent story the entire way through, that never deviated. It is the best A24 I’ve ever seen. Yes, I prefer it to Hereditary and The Lighthouse. There, I said it!

Thank you so much for reading! Please recommend your favourite A24 horror movies down below. Did you agree with my list? 

Peace & Love xoxo

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