Ranking Creepshow Episodes – Season 2!

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In October, I ranked Season 1 of Creepshow – you can check that out here. Today I’m back for Season 2! If you didn’t know, this Shudder Original Series was produced by Greg Nicotero, who brought us The Walking Dead. It is also based on the film with the same name, directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. I really like this show. It is fun, spooky, easy to watch and definitely worth checking out. Without further ado, from most to least favourite, let’s get into it!

Spoilers ahead!

1.) Night Of The Living Late Show 

In first place, we have Night Of The Living Late Show, which is the finale of Season 2It follows Simon (played by Justin Long), who creates a machine that allows the user to enter any movie they wish and be a part of the story. As one can imagine, he becomes obsessed with this world of virtual reality and begins having an affair (much to the ire of his wife!) with an actress he had a crush on when he was younger. The ending is so shocking and satisfying but the premise itself is equally as excellent. Justin was such a stand-out actor. What a perfect way to end the second instalment of Creepshow. If you could insert yourself into any film, which would it be?

2.) The Model Kid 

In second place, we have The Model Kid, which was the premiere episode of Season 2. It follows Joe, a young boy obsessed with horror movies and monsters. He is constantly bulled at school and by his uncle, who he is forced to live with after losing his mother to cancer. One day, he purchases a new figurine titled “The Victim”, that works as a voodoo doll. With his toy of destruction in hand, Joe begins to seek revenge on those who have wronged him. This was such a great start to the season. It was campy, fun, horrifying and vindicating. What more could you want?

3.) Pesticide 

Pesticide made me laugh out loud. It was a brilliant 20-30 minutes of viewing. It follows Harlan King, a crass exterminator known for his abilities to eliminate any and all insects. One day, he is contacted by a mysterious wealthy entrepreneur, who plans to tear down a factory and build condominiums on the land. However, before he can make his dreams come true, he needs some pests exterminated and Harlan is the perfect man for the job. There’s just one small catch. He wants more than just spiders wiped out. This episode was pure fun and one most viewers will enjoy.

4.) Public Television Of The Dead 

If you’re a fan of The Evil Dead franchise, Public Television Of The Dead will most likely be your favourite episode. It actually pays homage to many things, including PBS, Bob Ross, Antiques Roadshow, Reading Rainbow and more. At a fictional television station in Pittsburgh, a host welcomes Ted Raimi onto his show, who has brought the Necronomicon for appraisal. The moment the book is unlocked, and the incantations read, the crew and surrounding celebrities are all turned into Deadites. From there, pandemonium ensues. I loved the concept and execution (pun intended!).

5.) Pipe Screams

Pipe Screams reminded me of Pesticide. However, instead of an exterminator, it follows a down-on-his-luck plumber, who investigates a run-down apartment complex for a racist, nasty landlord. He soon discovers the source of the drain blockage – a sentient being he names Cloggy. It may sound silly but watching the flesh-eating monster team up with the tenants to take down the horrible landlord was more satisfying than words can express.

6.) Dead & Breakfast

In sixth place, we have Dead & Breakfast, which follows a pair of siblings that run a murder-themed bed and breakfast for money. They cash in on the fact that the building once belonged to their grandmother, an alleged serial killer. When an influencer comes to stay, she begins to point out the flaws in their stories, which leads to deadly results. I didn’t love this episode, but I liked the ending and how unhinged the characters became in the pursuit of making money.

7.) The Right Snuff 

Coming in third last, we have The Right Snuff. This one is for my science-fiction lovers. It follows two astronauts (Alex and Ted) who are testing an experimental gravity manipulation machine aboard a spacecraft. Alex becomes envious of Ted, when he is chosen by the President to make first contact with a new alien species. In his attempt to come out on top, Alex sets off a chain of events that will throw the universe into complete and total annihilation. This episode was quite silly. I liked the two actors, but it went in a weird direction. Not my favourite!

8.) Sibling Rivalry 

In second last place, we have Sibling Rivalry. Lola, a dim-witted, vapid teenager, believes her brother is trying to kill her. She confesses her concerns to the school psychologist (played by Molly Ringwald), who dismisses her story as a cry for attention. However, in a twist of events, we learn why Lola’s brother is acting differently and the lengths he is willing to go, to feel safe. I’m sure this episode was meant to be annoying, but I really didn’t like it. The siblings were so irritating and the story quite unoriginal. It’s a no from me.

9.) Within The Walls Of Madness 

In very last place we have Within The Walls Of Madness. Graduate student Zeller, currently incarcerated in a detention hall, describes to his appointed attorney the set of circumstances that led to his arrest. During his containment at a government research facility in Antarctica, he had witnessed a massive, tentacled monster emerge from a portal and kill his peers. He was framed for the murders and given a death sentence. As more of his confession is revealed, those trying to keep him quiet emerge. I’m sorry but this episode made no sense. I was bored from beginning to end. I wish it had been left off entirely. Sorry!

Thank you so much for reading! Do you agree with my ranking? What did you think of Season 2 and the show in general? 

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