The Ultimate Reading Challenge #2 – Read A Book That Was Released This Year

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Welcome back to The Ultimate Reading Challenge! I outlined in 2022 how the new series will work here, so check that out before progressing further. For my second challenge, I read a book that came out this year. A Skeleton In Every House is a debut novel, written by my very own sister-in-law: Isabella Duke! I want to discuss my thoughts on it, where you can purchase a copy for yourself and what my prize was for completing the challenge. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Plot: ‘A Skeleton In Every House’ by Isabella Duke.

Suffocated by the constraints of high society, Catriona Winters yearns to prove herself as a journalist. So when a nobleman is found slain, his body drifting off the Limehouse docks, she heads to the scene. There she clashes with the infuriating Inspector Thomas Marlowe, who is set on keeping the details of his inquiry out of the headlines.

Meanwhile, her childhood friend Nathaniel, heir of the Viscount Ashford, has returned from an unexplained sojourn in the country. The deeply buried attraction between them flares once more, but rumours swirl about his absence and a potential scandal his father seems determined to quash.

As Catriona struggles with her feelings for Nathaniel and her animosity towards Marlowe, she wades ever deeper into the secrets of Limehouse. But a second killing soon shocks London, leaving no one above suspicion. Catriona must unmask the murderer before he strikes again—and before she makes herself his next victim.

Review: ‘A Skeleton In Every House’ by Isabella Duke.

I know I might sound biased, but this story was brilliantly written. It really transported me back in time, when women were expected to be seen, not heard. Catriona is a gutsy, confident and determined protagonist, eager to prove herself in a man’s world. The pacing of the plot moved at a seamless rate, with a satisfying payoff at the end, leaving readers eager to know what will happen next. I couldn’t help but become invested in the characters Isabella created, including the equally different, yet charming love interests circling Catriona. With the moody, gloomy atmosphere of Victorian London and a killer on the loose, I was strongly reminded of The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, which I adore. The first book in a promising series combines a multitude of genres that work perfectly together. Infuse a period drama with a dash of crime, thriller elements and a helping of romance and you’ve got yourself a winner!

I gave A Skeleton In Every House 5/5 stars. Highly recommend!

Please purchase a copy here and don’t forget to leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

Prize For Completing The Challenge: 

As you can see below, my prize for completing the challenge were two sets of sticky-note tabs. One reads: “Noteworthy” and the other: “Brilliant Thought Here.” They are perfect for annotating! 

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next month for a new bookish challenge!

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