5 Fantastic Indie Horror Books!

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Today I want to share five fantastic indie horror books that are truly worth checking out! As an emerging author myself, I know how important it is to uplift those trying to break into mainstream status. The thriller/horror genre in general needs more love, so without further ado, here are some recommendations for your TBR!

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1.) Nature’s Perfume by Mark Towse 

I am a big Mark Towse fan. Not only is he a cracking good writer, he’s also an exceptionally decent human being. I have reviewed a couple of Mark’s novellas on my blog. You can check out my review of Nana here, my post on Hope Wharf here and my interview with the author himself hereNature’s Perfume is definitely one of my favourites. It follows a group of friends travelling through the Amazon rainforest. What befalls them in the lush jungle needs to be read to be believed…

2.) Crossroads by Laurel Hightower

If you want a horror novella that will completely break you, might I recommend Crossroads by Laurel Hightower? It follows a woman grieving the loss of her son and the lengths she will go to bring him back from the dead. I mean, this story is going to hurt no matter who reads it but if you’re a parent, it will hit ten times harder. It’s beautifully written and devastatingly deep.

3.) The Ultimate Stephen Quiz Book by Dave Musson

The Ultimate Stephen Quiz Book by Dave Musson may not be a fictional story, but it is a must-have for every horror lover. This fantastic tome contains trivia/quizzes for every King novel and screen adaptation ever made. It celebrates the master of horror himself and gives readers great insight into his life and works. I am using it to track every book I read/movie I watch. Not to mention, the cover art is wicked! It’s the perfect gift idea for lovers of the macabre.


4.) Petrified Women by Jeremy Ray

Petrified Women is criminally underrated. It is a short horror story by talented indie author Jeremy Ray. It follows a young girl creeped out by her boyfriend’s strange wood-carving obsession. One day, she hides in his apartment with the plan to scare him, but what she witnesses in the dark is the very embodiment of terror. Trigger warnings for sexual assault, violence, body horror and strong language. I loved the ending of this one!

5.) The Visitor by Sergio Gomez 

Last but certainly not least, we have The Visitor by Sergio Gomez. This is a seasonal story, centered around Christmas time. During a frightful snowstorm, five strangers are forced to take shelter inside a diner. When a sixth visitor emerges, things take a violent turn, forcing the characters to fight for survival. It reminded me of The Mist vs. Predator. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will!

Thank you so much for reading! Can you recommend any other horror indie novels that deserve to be on this list? Let me know! 

Peace & Love xoxo

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