The Breath of the Wild Readathon – Round #2.5: The Great Plateau – My TBR!

Hi all!

The Breath of the Wild Readathon is back! If you’re a huge Zelda fan like me, you are going to love this series of readathons based on the award-winning game: Breath of the Wild. I have never missed a round. If you wish to see my previous experiences, please click here. It was created by Caz from Little Book Owl and Red from Little Red Reader. As usual, I wish to thank them for all their hard work. As you can see by the title, #2.5 is a mini-round. It takes place at The Grand Plateau and your job is to complete as many challenges as possible in order to obtain the Glider Perk. This will come in handy later for the bigger quest rounds. It will run from May 15th – May 24th and coincides with the release of the brand-new Zelda game: Tears of the Kingdom. If you completed the bonus challenges from the last Main Quest, you will have obtained the Horse Perk. This allows you to start the readathon two days earlier than everybody else. Unfortunately, I didn’t have get it, so I will be starting May 15th. Without further ado, let’s get into the challenges/my TBR!


*Shrine of Resurrection, Camera Trial: Share your readathon TBR list.

You can tag the official Instagram page, Twitter page, post it on your blog (like myself) or on any other social media platform.

*Owa Daim Shrine, Stasis Trial: Participate in a reading sprint.

This will be announced on the official Twitter page.

*Oman Au Shrine, Magnesis Trial: Read a sequel. 

My Pick: Of Princes and Promises by Sandhya Menon – I loved the first book. I’m ready for the second!

*Ja Baij Shrine, Bomb Trial: Select a challenge from any previous round. See below.

(Southern Mine: Read a book that you recently acquired) 

My Pick: The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary. I’m super excited to read it!

*Keh Namut Shrine, Cryonis Trial: ‘FLY’ buzzword – read a book with fly (or any related word) in the title/on the book cover.

My Pick: The Cockroach King by Andrew Cull. Some cockroaches can fly and have wings. It works!

There are a few extra rules and guidelines that were discussed in the YouTube video, which you can check out here.

Let me know if you are joining in and what is on your TBR. Thank you for reading!

Peace & Love xoxo

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