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Today I am going to be ranking the award-winning Power universe! I have been wanting to make this post for a while because I’m such a huge fan of the show. My husband got me into it and now we watch the spin-offs together. After the first season ended, a bunch of new series emerged, following the paths of various characters we got to know along the way. FYI, Book V: Influence was recently cancelled. It was meant to revolve around political slimeball: Rashad Tate but didn’t get a chance to launch. Without further ado – from best to worst – get into it!

Slight Spoilers Ahead! 

1.) Power 

Power tells the story of James St. Patrick, an intelligent and smooth, yet ruthless drug dealer who goes by the alias of “Ghost.” He wishes to leave the criminal world in order to pursue legitimate business interests as a nightclub owner. However, this is much easier said than done. The allure of making money and doing it well becomes irresistible. It truly is the best of the best and not just because it’s the original. There are so many exciting moments, tragic deaths and steamy scenes for all to enjoy. If you aren’t sure where to begin, please start here.

2.) Book III: Raising Kanan

In second place, we have Book III: Raising Kanan. This tells the story of how adult Kanan Stark (played by 50 Cent) came to be the ruthless, manipulative man from Power. We follow him as a child, living in 90’s Jamaica, New York. His mother, Raquel Stark, is a Queenpin, meaning she runs the money laundering business, alongside her two brothers. Eager to prove himself, Kanan tries to get involved but stumbles along the way. I LOVE the fashion in the season (especially Raq’s), the time period, the music and the overall vibe. I’m also really invested in the characters and side plots. It is such a superior instalment. If you only watch one spin-off, let it be this one.

3.) Book II: Ghost

In third place, we have Book II: Ghost. This series follows Tariq St. Patrick, son of James, as he navigates life as a college student. His desire to shed his family’s legacy comes into conflict when he finds himself mixed up with the powerful Tejada family. Season 3 is just about to wrap up and I must admit, it has gotten worse as it has gone along. It started off strongly but it’s veering into the realm of ridiculous now. There have been a lot of far-fetched storylines and questionable choices made. Nevertheless, I’m still enjoying it. Mary J. Blige as Monet Tejada is everything!

4.) Book IV: Force

Last but certainly not least, we have Book IV: Force. The only reason I placed it fourth is because it has only had one season so far, whereas the others have had 2+. This instalment follows Tommy Egan from Power, who escapes to Chicago in order to start fresh, only to find himself right back in the drug business. Despite coming up against some ruthless figures, he continues to charm his way to the top. It’s a lot of fun and I’m eager to see more.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you like this show? How would you rank the series?

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  1. Power is the best series on TV, I feel that some of the the characters should not be taken off so soon especially ghost he.is Power the main and best character, and Tommy Egan is the boom I’ve love, love his character

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