Renfield – New Release Horror Movie Review!

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Today I am reviewing new-release, horror film: Renfield. It hit cinemas in Australia last month, allowing me the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen. Dracula’s loyal servant, Renfield, is obligated to procure his master’s prey and do his every bidding, no matter how debased. After centuries of servitude and falling in love with a tough-talking traffic cop who catches his eye, Renfield is ready to see if there is a life beyond The Prince of Darkness‘ shadow. The only question is whether he can leave. I’m going to make this spoiler-free, so don’t worry about me spilling the beans. Without further ado, here are my honest thoughts!


What I wanted and didn’t want from this movie really reminded me of Cocaine Bear – which you can check out here. Similar to that film, the gore was top-notch. They really didn’t hold back, and I loved every disgusting second of it. Furthermore, it was set in New Orleans, which is a very special place to me. The setting added to the fantastic cinematography, effects and visuals. It was fun watching a classic tale being re-vamped (pardon the pun) into a more modern story of wanting to break free of a toxic relationship. This was a clever direction to take. However, in my opinion, Nicholas Cage as Dracula was the standout. His mannerisms, facial expressions, movements and cadence in his voice were phenomenal. He has always been a brilliant actor and this role was no exception. Nicholas Hoult did a great job as well, but it was the Prince of Darkness who stole the show.


Once again, the things that didn’t work for me in Cocaine Bear, didn’t work for me here. Firstly, I wanted more Dracula (similar to how I wanted more bear). Secondly, the script was quite corny and cheesy. I have no doubt it was meant to be over the top and campy, but a lot of the jokes just didn’t land. Thirdly, there was some talking over the top of other characters, which made it difficult to comprehend who was saying what. As usual, minor gripes but these are the details that prevent me from giving a full five-star rating.


I gave it 4/5 stars. I recommend checking this one out! 

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you’ve watched this film. Did you like it?

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